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Loft affect on bounce /same grind?

Phillip B

Comparing the sm6's specifically.....the 58 vs 60 k grinds, does the added 2 degrees of the 60 make the club and its bounce interact or play differently than the 58. I know they both are still 12 but does the extra loft add effective bounce or is the only playability difference in the. Trajectory?

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  1. Don O

    Both are 12 degrees. If you bend the 58 to 60, that increases the bounce to 14 degrees and would be different than the 60 K 12 degree.
  2. Doug E

    In theory, the only difference you should see is in distance. Personally, I love the 58.12K. I find it to be so much more versatile than my previous Vokey LW, a 60.07. Plus, I get 5-10 yards more distance on full shots with the 58. It is fantastic out of greenside bunkers and tight fairways after a day or two of rain with muddy conditions. Out of all the sand and lob wedges I have ever owned, the 58.12K is probably my favorite.

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