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S or M Grind??



So i currently play with an SM5 58:07 S grind wedge but it is worn and in need of replacing. Do i go for a different grind and get the SM6 M grind 58:08 with similar bounce or do i stick with the S grind and go for 58:10 with more bounce?

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  1. Mike H

    I would look more at the style of shot you hit with your 58 over just the bounce of the club. If the s grind favored your shot better I would stick with it where the m grind even though similar bounce will sit differently on certain shots vs the s grind.
  2. Matty E

    I think a lot of that depends on your swing, your normal course conditions, the types of shots you play and personal preference. Personally, I don't like a lot of bounce on my wedges, in Texas, the ground is pretty firm so it's not really needed, I also don't dig very much. I feel that with good technique, one doesn't need a lot of bounce. But that's just food for thought.
    Best of luck!
  3. Chris92009

    It depends if you are playing more soft or firm turf conditions as well as if you are a digger or sweeper. If you are enjoying the S grind, I would stay with it.
  4. Todd T

    If you're liking it, why change!
  5. RR

    10 is good 12 gets crazy big. Go with what you like/use.
    I prefer the sm5 over the 6, only one I guess. 7, 8, 10 are all close under 6 is tough and over 10 gets really large. I keep a 12 if I get a track with white sand. I have a bag of bogey wedges though and switch when I need to
  6. Jack H

    I would say it depends on how the club will be used. If you are using it a lot greenside and are manipulating it a lot, I would go for the M Grind to keep bounce similar and increase versatility. However, if you really liked the S Grind on full shots that may by something think about and I would stay with the S Grind. It all boils down to what sort of shots you will hit with it. If you don't hit many greenside shots with it or don't manipulate the loft, then the S Grind would be a good choice. However, if you do that sort of shot, then no point in specialized grind for that.

    Good luck on your choice!

  7. Andrew J - WedgeWorks Specialist


    If you like the SM5 58.07S, you will find the SM6 58.10S an easy transition and our recommendation.

    You can also sign up for a complimentary Titleist Thursday fitting to hit the SM6 wedges side-by-side.

    Good luck!

    Andrew J
    Vokey Product Specialist

  8. Jeff J

    Curious about your desire to switch grinds. The website recommends the S grind for straight pitches and chips and M for those who open the face. Which do you do?

    There is a great series of 4 videos on YouTube for MrShortGame in which Mr. Vokey fits a golfer for several wedges. I am a little shaky on the lob wedge selected. It seems like they say the S would be best, and then they select a K. They might be of assistance.

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