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Vokey Design SM6 Review / AWESOME !!

Chris G

About a week ago, I received 3 wedges direct from Vokey WedgeWorks and was asked to provide an honest review and my personal experience with the SM6 wedges. The wedges I received were 48-08, 54-10 and 60-04 in Tour Chrome. These were the exact loft, bounce and grind as my current SM5’s.

The very first thing I noticed different about the SM6’s was a slightly thinner topline, which I really prefer. Vokey has maintained the typical pear shape profile that we have all become accustomed to in the years past. Upon close inspection of the grooves, it was apparent that the new TX4 grooves were crisp and clean as new grooves should be. The surface texture on the face of the wedges was also slightly different than my old SM5’s and I was excited to test the performance of this feature.

Off to the range like a little kid on Christmas morning with a new toy! I warmed up with my old SM5’s until I was ready to hit full shots. Hitting my SM5’s also refreshed my memory on current performance. As soon as I hit the 48 degree SM6, I immediately fell in love. The ball came off the face with what seemed like more speed, slightly higher launch and easily more distance. The amount of spin imparted on the ball is night and day difference from my SM5’s. The feel was soft and the ball flight was perfect! Shot after shot, I could not believe the accuracy and consistency of these wedges. I believe that the progressive center of gravity (CG) had a lot to do with this performance. I love how the CG changes location depending on the loft of the club. I think that to maximize the full potential of the progressive CG, you need at least 3 wedges in your bag.

The real test is on the course. I have played 6 rounds with my new SM6 wedges. From 120 yards and in, my short game has seen tremendous improvement. I can now go for the pin and be confident that my ball will drop and stop or spin back, depending on the shot. Playing new wedges with new grooves is absolutely critical in my game. These are my scoring clubs and I need them to perform accurately and consistently without fail. The new Vokey Design SM6 wedges are masterfully crafted by a Master Craftsman. Mr. Vokey, you have truly designed the best wedges in the game. Absolute amazing wedges!

Special thanks to Braedon Armstrong at Vokey for sending me these wedges and to Bob Vokey for his wedge design and dedication to make this game better. I will always be a Titleist fan and member of the Vokey Nation. Also a reminder to members of Team Titleist, be sure to complete your player profile and participate in the discussions here. I’m sure that’s how I received these new wedges. Titleist cares about us and the game we all love. @vokeywedges, #teamtitleist, #titleist


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  1. Titleist_AU_Fan

    Thanks, Chris. Really enjoyed reading this. Congrats on the new wedges. Love that Team Titleist throws in some surprises every once in a while! I'll do my best to stay active here in hopes of receiving some swag myself.
  2. Dino J

    Wow Chris! You're going to make us all envious! :-).

    I just ordered an SM6 wedge too ... I thought that I would put one of these into play and see how they perform. Though to be honest about it, I need to replace my SM5's!

    I totally agree with you about the graduated "centre of gravity - cg" in the wedges. A thinner top line will also be nice to look at too! :).

    Thanks for posting!
  3. Jeremy B

    This is a good read Chris! Did you happen to notice any difference hitting a ball high on the face out of the rough in comparison to your SM5? Was there a little more feel and/or ballspeed? I tend to hit some chips high on the face and they come off feeling a little dead. I've read where the extra thickness on the top portion was supposed to help with that. If this is the case, I'll be looking into a new set of wedges :)
    FYI... I have that same Man Cave sign and each time my wife looks at it, she rolls her eyes. haha :)
  4. Kevin B

    Terrific review and comparison! I have just received my SM6's and could not agree more with your comments. My comparison is that of another brand name which Mickelson plays and the Vokey's are like day and night to my game. I can't think of when I felt more confident with a wedge in my hands. Congrats on yours!
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  5. rich b

    Great story! Beautiful wedges!
  6. David V

    Man you are so lucky. Just once I wish I could demo some nice clubs. Those wedges look amazing. Been wanting to get new wedges for years. I have been trying to sand the face of my cally wedges to get some spin. Ever since my son was born 6 years ago, he gets all the toys and I have clubs too short for me.

    I thought you review was very thought out and thorough. Great work.
  7. Brant B

    Awesome for Titleist to reward loyal customers with their leading edge equipment. I just purchased a new set of the 716 AP2 irons today. Played in the rain (range closed) and absolutely loved them (75)! Switched from the 712 MBs. Bag, irons, wedges and putter in the bag. Still not convinced to switch to the driver, 3 wood and hybrid yet. Maybe soon! Thanks for the review!
  8. ADeLucia

    Congrats on a set of beautiful wedges! Nothing in the world like Team Titleist! Always looking out and taking care of its members. There's nothing like it in the industry!
  9. Tracy C

    I just purchased 2 new SM6 wedges and I love mine as well.
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  10. Ryan L

    Chris, as others have said, thanks for sharing and the insightful feedback! Always appreciate when TT members get things. I've loved testing the golf. Also over the last few years, what a cool way to be connected, support and be a part of the brand/product process.
    Selfishly I envy you as I need a wedge upgrade. Have 3 Cleveland wedges (52,56,60) for years...aside from a misc. TAylor Made hybrid, they're the only non Titleist club I own.
    And your note about the importance of replacing wedges regularly with wanting crisp grooves is a good reminder for me that it's time to upgrade. Thanks Chris and thanks Titleist for making the best equipment...and make us average weekend warriors feel part of the Titleist community!
  11. N Anthony S

    Chris, I too received a set of new SM6's from direct from Vokey. I totally agree with your assessment. I just received them late last week so I have only had the opportunity to play them once. I am truly pleased with how they preformed. My first shot I used my 54 degree from 86 yard out and placed the ball 8 inches from the cup. I was definitely sold with that shot. Of course, I need to play them some more, like this afternoon to further review them. I will say I loved my SM5's but so far the SM6's have me sold. Can't wait to get out and test them some more.
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  12. Jeremy B

    I personally can't see me making a switch anytime soon, as I'm still loving my Titleist SM5 wedges. I just have them currently dialed in. However, it is great to see Vokeys are still making technology strides and I know what wedges will be on my radar when that time comes ;)
  13. Ryan A

    Received my SM6 54.10 S and 60.08 M wedges in Steel Grey with ProjectX LZ 5.5 shafts 0.5" long just last week. Cannot get over how high and long I'm hitting them on full shots with super tight dispersion. Like them so much, I plan to order the matching 48.08 F this week. Great work BV and Titleist!
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  14. Scott G

    Just received my sm6's the other day 58/12 K grind and 54/14 f grind and absolutely love them! Haven't gamed them yet but I'm looking forward to it, be nice to see if I can spin them back or hit and stick them on the green.
  15. Greg E

    I got my new SM6 last week and finally got a chance to put it in play. And wow, what a difference. The grooves on my 56.14 SM5 were still good (I thought) until I hit that first shot with the new 56.10. The ball took one hop and stopped dead! The new SM6 from WedgeWorks was customized to my specs and now can't wait to replace my SM5 60.04 with a new SM6! I too have to thank Braedon Armstrong for sending me the new wedge. Being a Team Titleist member does have its privileges!!!
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