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New Vokey LE 456.14 20th Anniversary Wedge


Looks like the limited edition to WedgeWorks has been added to the site already: 456.14 20th Anniversary 56* with a high polish chrome finish. More information & WedgeWorks options here:

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  1. APhillip

    Love the look of the wedge, may have to customize one and get in on order. It's great to see him continue to come out with truly awesome stuff !!
  2. Chuck Z

    Yeah that was his first prototype wedges he introduced at the St Jude Classic in Memphis in 1967. Andy Bean used them in play for the first time after seeing them and trying them with much success on the practice range. Bob Vokey only had two of them at the time and he called R&D at the PGA to ensure it was alright for Andy to use them. The rest is history. Vokey had come over to Titleist the year before.

  3. Chuck Z

    Oops, I got the dates wrong. That should have been 1996 and 1997 on the wedges. Sorry guys. It's an old age thing. =)
  4. John O

    I love the high polish chrome look. It's occasionally a problem in the sun though...
  5. Chris92009

    Love the wedge! Great looks and story!!
  6. Leslie V

    Looks great, plus it comes with a story to tell!
  7. Jeff K

    Would look good in my bag next to my 260.04 that I have. That's a pretty old wedge.

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