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SM6 Vokey Wedges

Connor Affinito

The SM6 Vokey Wedges look amazing I loved the SM5 model, I would love to try out some of the new SM6 wedges. Any thoughts or opinions on them if any TT Members have got some?

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  1. Jeffery M

    46.8F- 50.8F-54.10S-58.8 Love them!! Everyone plays on different turf, sand,etc. Best to try as many as possible and see what fits your game. Even try to go to a Titleist Thursday. Good luck!
  2. N Anthony S

    Conner, I just made the switch from the SM5's to the SM6's last week. I had the opportunity to try them out on Tuesday. Like you, I love my SM5's but I will say, the SM6's are awesome. My first real test was an 85 yard shot that I put 8 inches from the cup. The control and spin were outstanding. I am looking forward to playing again this afternoon to test them some more. So far though, I am really happy.
  3. B

    I just picked up a 56/10 S grind today. I worked with it for about 45 minutes and am very pleased so far.

    I have not hit it from sand, but it is quite versatile from both tight and fluffy lies. The description indicates it is for those who like to hit from a square position, but there is enough grind on the heel to provide some versatility around the green.
  4. Dr O

    Sm6 are awesome. Distance control is so consistent. Fresh groves spin the ball very well. I didn't realize how worn my old vokeys were until I put these in play. Hitting my old distances again

    Switched from SM5 to SM6 and could not be happier! Looks from the top is very similar but the distance and trajectory control is far better in the SM6's is my opinion! Good luck!
  6. James B

    I'm really enjoying my SM6 wedges. I have the 54.08 and 60.08, not only do they look nice in the Tour Chrome finish, but they feel superb!
  7. nate l

    The sm6's are the most consistent wedge i have ever played. I saw the brushed copper and am trying to keep myself from buying them.
  8. Lou G

    I have the SM5 raw black 48-08 and 54-10S along with the SM6 raw black 58-04 and 62-08. The 62-08 is great on hard sand and dirt lies. Still playing with the 58-04 but it seems the advertised bounce is a bit deceiving; the leading edge bounce appears to be greater than a 58-08 M grind. No plans in changing the SM5s since my distances are nailed pretty well.
  9. Lou G

    The S grind works pretty well everywhere. Even soft sand.

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