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SM5 Raw Black Wedge wear/rust

Jeremy B

Hi friends,

I was just curious about the wear or rust on your raw black vokeys, specifically the SM5 for the players that have them. Do these rust like the old oil cans? I've had mine for a season and a half now and all I'm seeing is my contact spot on the face and the black has worn off the sole. I've heard of putting them in Cola or other agents to help speed the process along, I however, like for them to earn their battle scars and get there naturally. Maybe it's the climate I live in. Colorado here so it's typically dry air. I've heard others speeding along that live out East where it's real humid.

Thoughts or photos are welcome.

Thanks Team Titleist.

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  1. Matthew H

    I also have the same wedges and then more I use them the wear is starting to show !! I actually hit it the ball close to the middle lol but they are starting to wear ....I always use to have these wedges and used Lemon juice to rust them overnight ( I don't know if that works with these ) it always use to work !!
  2. JCaldwell

    It's the climate. I had some finished wedges similar living in VA. Took only a few rounds before patina started showing up. Leave it in a sauna for a bit or dunk it in a stream. Should get things going. I've wrapped mine in a soaked paper towel before with a good outcome too (had to refinish an SM5).
  3. Tom B

    I've got the black too, but used to go with the raw when available. Same as Matthew, about a season and a half and just a "rusting" now. Not like the raw. Probably headed for SM6 replacement on at least 1 pretty soon.
  4. Ryan M

    Might be time for some new wedges with fresh grooves! Love my SM6 Black Vokey's.

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