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Grinds and Ball Flight

Jeff J

After a disappointing wedge fitting 3 years ago with another company (the wedges flew both too high and too short), I know I need to replace my miz 56.10 and 58.10 (bent to 59.5) wedges. Both appear to be c-grinds. I think they are great for full shots, and hit the ball the appropriate height, but I have had my struggles around the green, and consider myself a marginal to subpar bunker player for a 7-handicap (as low as 5 last year).

I have watched quite a few videos with Mr. Vokey fitting different players, and he mentions how grind can knock down trajectory on full shots. I am curious - which ones hit the highest, and which the lowest, or does it depend?

I am going to Titleist Thursday wedge fitting next week, and eager to have as much information as possible prior to the session.

Thank you,

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  1. David T

    Good question - I was curious so I did some Googling and found this response from good 'ole TT from way back in 2012...

    Ryan Crysler

    MARCH 25, 2012 AT 11:55AM
    Bounce does affect trajectory: high bounce = lower trajectory low bounce = higher trajectory. The sole width also has an indirect affect on bounce as well, especially the change from the SM58.08 and the new SM4 58.06. The 58.06 is narrower than the 58.08 and narrow soles help reduce the bounce affect. The affect of bounce is similar to ball contact on a driver. If the ball hits lower on the face (with a high bounce/less dig) the ball will fly lower and with perhaps more spin. If the ball hits higher on the face (with low bounce/more dig) the ball will fly higher with perhaps less spin. This assumes the exact same swing! Hope this helps.
  2. Jeff J

    I just read you response. Not sure how I missed your reply.

    I would have thought more bounce made it fly higher, but went to a Titleist Thursday event and clearly the M grind was launching higher than the S.

    Thanks for the reply!

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