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SM6 Review!


A few weeks ago I received an email from Braedon Armstrong asking about my current wedge set up that I had wrote about in someone else's TT post. I told him all about what I was playing and how satisfied I was with them but was thinking about switching it up for the new SM6's only due to wearing out my SM4/5 set. He said he would be sending me a 'something' for sharing. Well I went about my day to day routine, expecting a little something small in the mail (hat, towel, sleeve of balls, etc). I get home last week to see a Titleist Wedge Works box sitting at my front door. I felt like a kid on Christmas! Opening the box I thought it would just be one wedge but I found 3 brand new SM6's all in my exact specs and in the Raw finish! I was absolutely besides myself! I could not get to my computer fast enough to send an email thanking Braedon. Unfortunately were I live it had been raining and continued to rain for 5 days straight and I couldn't get out on the course. Well today was my first day playing 18 with them. Let me be the first to say I was blown away. I have always played Vokey wedges. Played a set of Sm4's and was playing a set of Sm5's but these were different. The distance and trajectory control was phenomenal! I had my best short game round of the year (long game was not there though :/). On the very first hole (par 4) I had 100 yards in and was pumped to be hitting the new wedges. Pulled my 56* and flushed it. Perfectly were I was aiming, pitched about 5 feet passed and zipped back passed to the hole leaving myself and uphill putt! Couldn't have scripted a better start! But the biggest difference came from greenside, I was able to confidently chip shots and know they wouldn't run out on me. What a great day it was!

And a week before all this I received a TT Bag Tag!

Thank you Braedon for sending me these new wedges! I have been and always will be a Titleist fan and member. @vokeywedges, #teamtitleist, #titleist

Thanks for reading, Nick

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  1. James B

    That's great to hear!
    Enjoy those new SM6 wedges, I love mine!!
  2. Jeremy B

    Very cool! What I neat surprise that would have been. You're right, that is probably they closest thing you've experienced to that kid like Christmas spirit in years. (without it being Xmas).
    Great read.
  3. Don O

    Great story. Betcha you will be disappointed with whatever you get at Christmas this year. ;-)
  4. Chris G

    Congrats on the new SM6 wedges. I also found very similar results with mine. Just wait until you get a few more rounds on them and really get to know what they are capable of. My short game within 120 yds has improved tremendously. I'm sure yours will to! Vokey Design Wedges, the best wedges in the game! @VokeyWedges @Titleist

  5. Leslie V

    So awesome!
  6. Jeremy B

    Great Read!! I can't imagine the excitement you must have felt. Congrats! That's a real honor.
  7. etakmit

    Well done TT! And beautiful wedges Nick!
  8. David M

    That was a nice surprise. I believe the SM6 is the best wedge made. I think I've sold 10-20 of them with their stopping power to guys I play with at my club.
  9. Kevin B

    Love my SM6's Just the BEST!
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