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Should i retire my spin milled 52.08 and 60.07 for SM6's?


still like hitting my spin milled vokey's

what advantages would I see with the new sm6's?


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  1. Chris B

    I got a 48 degree SM6 - it is a great PW for me.

    I game a 56 degree SM5 and a 60 degree SM5 (the 60 comes and goes depending on courses I play).....both have served me well.....but the 48 SM6 is one smooth club. The weight just feels right.

    Full shots are crisp and has the right trajectory - and I use this club around the green more now that any other club....when not in the sand.
  2. jwarren

    sounds good...I just got the new AP2's w/ a gap wedge, so i think i'm going to go with a 56 and 60 sm6
  3. Dr O

    SM6 no brainer. Invest the money you will wonder why you didn't switch earlier, I did.
  4. Lou G

    I'm playing SM5 48-08, SM6 52-08 (bent to 53), SM6 60-08M (bent to 58) and SM6 62-08M. I pretty much have my shots nailed on the 48 so no sense changing. I found I can impart more spin on the 52-08 vs my SM5 54-10S (which I also bent to 53).

  5. jwarren

    I did it....kept the gap wedge in the bag and added a SM6 56 and SM6 60..

    loving it so far!

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