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sm6 raw black


After a few round with the raw black wedges I didn't really care for the little wear look so i decided to try and experiment if I could get some of the black off, love the way it came out and I will update the wear as the season goes.

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  1. Jack H

    That looks amazing! What did you use to take it of? Enjoy them! Look forward to hearing how they do!

  2. David T

    You can use CLR or plain white vinegar. Soak for 30 min then scrub with a Scotchbrite pad. Repeat if it doesn't all come off.
  3. RRomanowicz

    I let them soak in coke over night and then hit it with a scotch pad, then soaked in vinegar over night and hit it again with the scotch pad.
  4. John S

    That looks sweet! I will definitely have to try it!
  5. WOlson

    I am looking at either the Tour Chrome or the Black. I am curious to see how long this finish will last after you changed the look. When will you update again?
  6. WOlson

    I am looking to buy these in Tour Chrome or Black. I like the finish you have from soaking them. When will you post another pic to see how it held up to that color?

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