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58-04 and 60-04 L-grind - advertised bounce can be deceiving

Lou G

Has anyone noticed that the leading edge bounce appears to be greater than a 58-08 M grind?

I found the M grind easier to hit off a hard sand or dirt lie.

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  1. B.A.

    Yes, I started a post on this a while back:

    It's due to the sole being wider and therefore has more EFFECTIVE bounce than just the angle.

    Since then, I have meesed around with my 60.08M quite a bit and have been bery happy with it bent to a 58.06.

    You may want to try bending yours by a couple degrees if you want the same effective bounce of the SM5. You'll obviously have to deal with more loft, but I felt that was an easier adjustment than the bounce.
  2. Chuck Z

    Me, I like a 55.09. Actually, took my SM4 56.10 S grind and had it bent one degree, based on the recommendation of my pro. I put it in the bag when I know we are playing a course with harder sand and take out my 56.14 F grind. Whatever works, don't change it.
  3. Lou G

    Chuck - I love the SM5 56-10S and I can hit it off just about anything from soft bunkers to hard pan.

    I have SM6 58-04, 60-08M and 62-08M. I play the 58 and 62 in my full bag and the 60 in my exec/Sunday bag. The 58-04 is not so great off hard dirt but it is much better for spinning chip shots off close cropped grass. I am at the point where I can hit all 3 out of a hard bunker but the 62 is the clear winner in that department. Distance-wise the gap is about 3-5 yards between each club on a full swing so the range is 80-75-70 and pitches are 50-45-40. Half pitches are 25-22.5-20.
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  4. Mike L

    I have the 58 m grind also. Conditions have been very firm lately and it has been good for me. But I wouldn't mind having even less bounce with the firm dry fairways. Although it's great out of the sand!
  5. Lou G

    I bent my 60-08M to 58-06. Much more versatile. Can hit equally well off hard and soft lies. Just have to do a side by side with the 58-04.
  6. Lou G

    Correction- 54-10S

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