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What wedges do you play?


I am looking to purchase new wedges. Currently I play a Pitching Wedge and "A" Wedge (50 degree) that came with the Irons (Taylor Made). In addition I have a 54 degree Vokey (SM4) and a 58 degree Vokey (SM6). My question is what do most people do regarding their wedges, use the wedges that match the irons and add additional as I have or disregard the "A" and maybe even the Pitching Wedge from the irons and have all wedges (Vokey) be the same style?

Thanks in advance for the advice.

Bob P.

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  1. Leslie V

    I also play the set clubs, and added vokey 56 and 60; however, have considered changing out the PW, AW when my game improves.
  2. David T

    Check out the Vokey page under wedge selection. Some really good info to help picking the right wedges. Oh, and your best bet is to go to a Titleist Thursday and get fir by the best!
  3. Chris G

    It's all personal preference if you play "set" wedges or not. As far as I'm concerned, Vokey wedges are the best in the game. I want my scoring clubs to be the best I can get. The rest is up to me to make them work.
  4. Ned

    I carry the PW that came with my set, and 3 vokey wedges 52, 56, and 60.
  5. Matthew W

    Whether or not you want to keep the same set is your personal preference. I have TM PSI Irons and use the PW that came with them but I have always used Vokey Wedges just because they give me the best feel around the greens and the confidence to hit shots and work the ball better.
  6. N Anthony S

    I carry the pitching wedge that came with my set of AP1's along with Vokey wedges SM6 48, 54, 58.
  7. Matty E

    I take out the PW that comes with the set and use 48, 54, and 60 degree sm5's. I see the wedges as scoring clubs and I want the best control over flight and spin I can get. I feel with all the wedges being the same, it provides me the best chance.
  8. Chuck Z

    I play AP1s and the P (43),W (47), and W52 that comes with the set, I have one additional wedge: Vokey 56.14 F grind, which has the same shaft and lie as my AP1s. And yes I went to the Titleist fitter for the combination as I always do when I purchase new equipment, ensuring I have the right setup. . =)
  9. James B

    I carry the PW that came with my 716 AP1's and I have two Vokey wedges in 54 and 60 degrees. I might get a 50 and 46 degrees in the future.
  10. Darryl M

    My previous set of AP1's (712) my wedges were PW 45, Vokey SM4 50, 54, 58. My current set of AP1's (716) my wedges are 43,47,52 AP1 & I have a SM6 56 degree. Don't use a 60 degree so I used that spot for a 816H1 22 degree in place of a 4 iron.
  11. Mike H


    I carry the PW that came with my set, and 3 vokey wedges 52, 56, and 60.

    I have the same setup CB714 PW sm6 52 and 56 and a SM5 60
  12. Chris B

    Vokey 48 SM6 pitching wedge
    Vokey 56 SM5
    Vokey 60 SM5

    The 60 is in and out of the bad depending on the course / weather / etc. I know there is a gap there.....but I like y setup for nearly every course condition I get to play.
  13. Paul T

    I play the 716 AP2 using the pitching wedge and added SM6 52 & 56 and SM5 60.
  14. Allen L

    Just attended a Titleist Thursday for a driver and wedge fitting. If you're looking at wedges the Titleist Thursday fittings are highly recommended. Right now I have a 46, 50, 54, and 60 degree setup, all Vokey's. I replaced the standard Titleist PW with a Vokey simply because the Vokey has a higher launch and a better drop and stop. The Titleist Thursday is a fun experience, let a fitter show you new wedge strategy.
  15. Darron K

    I have an 716 AP2 PW, SM6 50° F, SM6 54° S and SM6 58° M. Thinking about switching out the AP2 PW and getting a SM6 46°. I'm happy with my set for the way I play that's why I haven't pulled the trigger on switching it out.
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