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Which grind and bounce

Rory T

I am new to vokey wedges and was looking for some guidance. I am looking for a 52 and 58 degree wedge. I am based in South Africa and the ground on our courses is mostly soft. The 52 i heard a F grind is good as im looking for full swing mostly? Where i am most confused is the 58 degree.... i will be using it out of soft sand bunkers and around the green. i often open the face as well. Where it gets really confusing is i have a shallow swing in the bunker but if i am short of the green i tend to have a steep swing. Any advice? Wish we had Titleist fitting centers in Cape Town South Africa.

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  1. Jack H


    Definitely have some options. For your 52, I would recommend the F grind. For your 58, I would recommend the S grind or the M grind. The S grind you can still open and manipulate. It would also help on full shots as it has more bounce. The M grind has less bounce and would be great for greenside shots. You would be able to manipulate the club very easily with the M grind. The bottom line would depend on if you want it to be better on greenside shots or full shots. The S grind is a great option as it is workable greenside, and has more bounce for full shots. With soft conditions, I would recommend the S grind, but either would be a great option.
    Hope this helps!
  2. CClark

    I have 52F and 58M, both work well for me.
  3. Jerry R

    On the 58, don't overlook the K grind for the sand and is still solid on greenside short shots. This is the best true sand iron I have found in all types of sand and I find it works equally well in firm and soft conditions around the green. Best of luck.
  4. B.A.

    The M grind is great for full and open face shots, but be aware that there is more effective bounce on the SM6 than the SM5. i know you said you're new to Vokey, so that may not matter to you, but for example, I have a 60.08M that I bent to a 58.06M for less bounce and it is perfect. Getting use to the loft change has been easier for me than the change in bounce.

    I tend to be shallow in the sand as well and it works for me.

    Best of luck!
  5. Rory T

    Thanks all for the advice it has been a huge help. I have decided to go with the 58.08 M. I take collection of it tomorrow so will see how it plays but im sure based on the feedback i will be happy with it.
  6. F

    Hi Rory,

    I currently have the 52 F Grind and 58 M Grind. These are my first pair of Titleist clubs and i am in love. This set up works great for me and would advise this option for what you are looking to get out of them. Hope you come right
  7. Josh A


    I was having the same issue with picking bounces and grinds because there were just so many to choose from. I recently got fitted for 3 new vokeys in jet black at a local titleist thursday event. I purchased a 58.12 K, 54.14 F, and a 50.12 F grind. I tend to have a steep swing as I am a tall guy and having the extra bounce on my wedges help shallow out my divots. In my opinion there is no greater wedge grind for soft conditions around the green than the K grind I have on my 58. Bunker shots out of soft powdery sand are an absolute pleasure to hit using the K grind. The wide sole really prevents the club from digging. I have had no issues using the K grind for flop/lob type shots in all lies. Additionally, full swings with the K grind are really easy to hit.

    As far as your 52 degree is concerned, I would go with the F grind as it's a all around traditional grind that can be used in any condition. Often times if I find myself in a wet bunker I'll opt for my 54 F grind in order to help dig a little more in the firm sand. Plays really nice. I really love the set up with the wedges that I purchased and highly recommend them if you feel like they'll fit your game.


  8. Doug E

    SM6 58.12 K Grind. Best wedge I have ever owned. And I have owned 6 or 7 sets of Vokeys over the years. This is an amazing wedge out of Bunkers and soft conditions, but frankly, I have great success out of all conditions with all types of shots. I chip with it, flop with it, pitch with it and full swing with it. My 50.08 and 54.10 get lots of use as well, but I think I use the 58.12K for a much bigger variety of shots. The surprising thing is I always used to like a low bounce on my lob wedge, until I tried this K Grind. With 12* of bounce, and that wide sole grind, you can make some great shots with this wedge.
  9. Bill W

    I am looking to put two "dual purpose" wedges in my bag. A 54*(bent to 53*) and a 58*.

    I want the 53 to be very playable from the fairway and light rough, and reasonably playable from a green side bunker.

    I want the 58 to be very playable from greenside bunkers and rough, and reasonably playable from the fairway.

    I have been told that the M grind is Mr. Vokey's favorite. It was recommended by a Titeist rep.

    Any recommendations with explanations? Thanks.
  10. Jeff K

    I'm also looking at adding some new wedges to my bag but I'm also looking at new irons as well. I like the AP2's but also like the C16's. Of course, now that AP3's are coming out I'll wait for them.
    Where I'm a bit confused is what to add. The Pitching wedge in the AP2's is a 46* wedge but in C16's it's a 43*. I don't know what the AP3's will be, so I'm going to need to wait. I went to a fitting day a few weeks back so my club has all my information for getting new wedges, I'm overseas so I want to order them so they are there when I get home. The guy at the fitting also thinks my bag is club heavy, with a driver 3w, 21* hybrid and a new #2 T-MB.
    So, my confusion is what wedge lofts to get and what grinds.
    If I choose the AP2's I'm thinking52.12F, 56.10S and my existing 260.04
    If I go with the C16 or if the AP3 PW is lower than 46* then I'm thinking 50.12F or V, 54.10S and my existing 260.04.
    I would drop my hybrid to make way for my extra wedge.

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