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Vokey Wedge Fitting Experience

Rick V., Team Titleist Staff Team Titleist Staff

 Hey, everyone.

I'm having lot of fun with my short game this year. Most of the credit for my improvement has to go to Mr. Vokey and team. I've never been able to flight wedges down and control the ball the way I can with my new Vokey SM6's. But I think an equal share of the credit has to also go to expert club fitter, Karen Gray, our Supervisor of Player Testing and Research here a Titleist. Karen fit me for my new SM6 setup at our Manchester Lane Test Facility and the experience was an eye-opener.

I use to carry two Vokey K-grinds - a 54° and a 58°. I knew I had some yardage gap issues, which Karen confirmed after taking a look at a few shots on a launch monitor with my PW and 54°. She had me try out some different gap wedge options and then had me move into full shots with 56° and 60° SM6's. Instantly, I had much better coverage from 120 yards and in.

The real artistry of the fitting, however, was in the way Karen dialed in the bounces and grinds. I had no idea how much the bounce on a wedge could affect distance and trajectory on full shots. I thought bounce and grind were primarliy preferences for shots around the green. I learned quickly that you need the right bounce and grind for all your wedge shots, so as Karen fine-tuned my yardage gaps and flight through a variety of sole options, she also had me mix in some shorter pitches and chips, to make sure that her recommendations would also work for my particular technique on the finesse shots.

Once Karen was about 90% sure of what would work for me, we moved from the range to the short game area, where we took a closer look at the "touchy-feely" shots that Bob Vokey likes to talk about. Karen had me hit long pitches, short lobs and bunkers shots, switching between clubs as we went. I chipped from tight fairway lies and thick rough. And with a few great tips on technique from Karen to boot, I was dialed in. I now game three Vokey SM6's - a 52.08, F-Grind, a 56.08 M-grind and a 60.12 K-grind. And I'm enjoying a whole new level of confidence in my wedge game. I can't recommend strongly enough going through a Vokey Wedge Fitting for yourself.

How about you? Have you had a similar experience to mine? Please share your stories and feedback on the process.



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  1. Tyler H

    Great review of the fitting process at Manchester Lane. I am hoping to make a trip out in the future to get fit for the new 718 irons.
  2. Speedy

    Nice review and thanks for sharing!

    I did the Vokey fitting at Manchester Lane last year, it wasn't as long as yours since i got fitted for the 716s as well and only had a 3 hour window. I think we had about an hour left to get the Vokey fitting in. I had a blast in the short game area with my fitter Chris. He had me try multiple wedges w/ different shaft/bounce/loft from the bunker, from 40 yards away, 60 yards away and 90 yards away.. It was a lot of fun and if i get fitted again, I may dedicate the whole 3 hours to the short game/Vokey fitting.. I had that much fun with Chris... It really is amazing how much your game can change with the different set ups they offer.. I learned a lot that day for sure...

    Tyler, HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend getting fitted at Manchester Lane or even Oceanside.. What a great experience you'll have...
  3. Allen L

    Rick your first sentence says it all, "I'm having lot of fun with my short game this year." Me too, my fitting a couple weeks ago near Pittsburgh has me anxious for those wedge shots to the green.
  4. Rick V., Team Titleist Staff

    Thanks, Tyler! Make sure to let us know if you can arrange a visit to the Lane.

  5. Rick V., Team Titleist Staff

    Thanks for sharing, Speedy! Glad to hear you got to work with Chris O. He's truly one of the good ones!
  6. Rick V., Team Titleist Staff

    Allen, were you fit into a different wedge setup? Did you get some new SM6's or are you still waiting? Thanks for weighing in!
  7. Rick D

    I used to play a PW, 56*SW and 60*LW. While on a sales trip, I had a fitting at the McClain Center in Fort Worth with Kyle Conkright, which was very similar to what Rick described above. I now carry a 50.12F, 54.14F and 58.11K that fill the yardages gaps and give me a lot of confidence. Last evening playing a group money game, with a 30 yard shot from off the front of the green I hit a low pitch that landed 4' from the flag, bit and stopped on a dime for a tap-in birdie gimmee and some groans from our opponents. I love them on full shots, too.
  8. Rick V., Team Titleist Staff

    I love it. Shots like that make it all worthwhile, don't they, Rick? Thanks for the feedback!

  9. Don O

    When I went to the AP1 716, my PW is now 43 degrees, so I later refit wedges to 48-8F/54-10F and kept an old CC 58 degree. On my own I replaced the CC with a Vokey Design 56-10K (bent to 57). Still need to get used to that one. The roll-out between the P-G-S wedges are consistent, but the VD wedge just stops on a dime on any slope not downhill. It's what I've needed, but I need more time to adjust.
  10. BMcAleese

    Nothing beats a vokey. I have the sm6's and i LOVEEEE them.
  11. Todd T

    Did mine with Mr Vokey a few years back when it was first offered.. Best money ever spent on a fitting- golf related! Bob knew within five swings which bounce and grind was best. He put me a ease by making jokes about my shots, he's got jokes.. Figures the S-tricker gang was the best for my swing!.. Even got a signed pin flag from him!
  12. John T

    Wish I could do an experience like that!
  13. Jack H

    Gotta love new wedges! Glad to hear your loving the SM6s! The Vokey Team does an amazing job! Thankful for all their work!

  14. hal w

    Can someone give me the name of a good club fitter in Atlanta, GA.
  15. Rick F

    I have a full bag fitting booked with Karen Gray at the end of summer and I am super excited!
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