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Rusty SM6's

Jonathan L

I've recently played golf with a guy and saw he had a set of SM6's in his bag which were rusted. From what I could see my playing partners were just standard chrome or silver.

I've been curious about it for a while if this actually makes much notable difference performance wise? and also how would I go about rusting my wedges?

Unfortunately I have no way of getting in touch with the guy as it was an invitational day.

Thanks guys

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  1. Jeff K

    Hi Jonathan,

    The oil can finish offered by Titleist will go rusty over time. I have a 260.04 that's pretty rusty now. You don't need to do anything to them, they will just rust. If you use them out of bunkers a lot the rust will come off.

    Performance wise, I think the idea behind them is that the rust gives more grip and hence spin. Don't know if this is true or not as mine was the first specialist wedge I bought and I've had it many years now.
  2. Billy L

    I have the sm6 raw finish wedges and in due time they do rust you do not have to do anything special to get them to rust, hitting off wet grass or playing one round in the rain they will rust pretty good. Jeff is right about the theory of rusted wedges
  3. Samuel C

    You can special order them from the Vokey site.

    The oil can Vokeys used to be a stock option with the SM4s, but they got away from that, which is sad, as they were such a great finish.

    The oil can is a preferred look and "feel" for a lot of the tour pros and they are supposed to give the club a bit more bite as it rusts. The more rust, the more bite (or grip) is has on the ball.

    You can also take the standard chrome ones and take off the finish. But if you do this, it voids any type of warranty, so be careful if you do decided to do this. You can Google how to, as there are plenty of videos out there to help you.

  4. Jeremy S

    SM6 Raw wedges ( are true to the name, Raw carbon steel. They will rust over time. There are no discernible performance differences between the Raw & plated (chrome, steel gray) wedges.
  5. Luke W

    You can always strip the finish off regular chrome or black sm6 and they can become raw. I assume they spin a hair more once they rust? I don't know just a guess
  6. Chris D

    I think all Vokey's are cast steel and leaving the finish off them will allow them to rust. As does 'sharpening' the grooves with one of those sharpening tools you see on eBay - you'll easily scrape off the chrome finish and have rusty grooves (a sure sign that your clubs could be non-conforming to your opponent - that's not going to end well). Rust might be a bit more grippy than chromed gooves - just looks - well rusty - which isn't to everyone's taste. So you could use WD40 that will stop them rusting - see above note - non-conforming club again.
  7. 19hole

    There really isn't a performance difference. Most people use the raw finish or a black finish to reduce the glare off the club on sunny days.
  8. JR

    Sounds like the raw finish.
  9. Tom B

    I have the black finish, and that wears and will rust up a bit. I feel I do get a little more spin out of the rusted raw finish than the chromed finish.
  10. Lance P

    May not be any real performance gained but I've always thought rusty wedges look cool!
  11. RRomanowicz

    If there raw or oil can stick them in coke over night if you want an instant effect, will rust over time the rust lol
  12. Jonathan L

    Thanks for the info and insight guys. I'm tempted to strip the chrome off of one of my wedges and see how it goes. I just think it looks cool!!
  13. Jeff K

    Be aware that if you use rusty wedges in bunkers a lot the sand will strip the rust off. I've had a rusty wedge for many years now, maybe 15, but never used it in the bunker until recently. The course I play at has some bunkers on one course, we have 36 holes, that don't have much sand in them so I've started using my 60* sedge instead of my sand wedge. It's taken a lot of the rust of the sole and the face and a bit off the back.

    If they are SM6's they are most likely the raw version. I have a set of raw SM6's and have seen some improvements in my wedge game but may simply be because the SM5's were worn out. They do feel softer though and look incredible in the bag!

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