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Wear Pattern

Don M

Hi there. I have used a 58.12 K grind Vokey for about 18months with great results. It's worn out from lots of practice and looking to get a new one - probably same again or S grind. Just a quick question - the wear pattern on this wedge is very much toward the toe of the club (I only use it for chipping, lob shots etc but not full shots). Is this ok or should I get the lie angle changed or use a different grind on my next 58deg vokey? Thanks!!

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  1. Chuck Z

    Maybe go see a fitter or your head pro, they can fix that issue.
  2. Don M

    I wasn't sure it was an issue! That was the question! As mentioned I actually chip very well (1 hcap), was just wondering if it was just an incorrect lie angle that caused the pattern or would be worth changing the grind I am using. Thanks.
  3. Darron K

    Chuck Z

    Maybe go see a fitter or your head pro, they can fix that issue.

    What he said!
  4. Mike C

    The wear pattern on the club really depends on how you use the club and what type shots you tend to take. For example, I love my 60M with 8 degrees of bounce around the green due to its versatility. I can hit all types of shots with this club, but the primary shot is a fuller swing where I really open the face to add loft. This results in a high, soft lob shot the drops and stops where it lands. When I rotate the face open to hit this shot the ball strikes near the toe of the club as a result of the face being wide open. The wear pattern on the face appears nearer to the toe as a result of opening up the face. I will hit hundreds of practice shots like this to be able to nail the timing and, as a result, there is a visible wear pattern near the toe on this club.

    My point here is that the wear pattern may not be indicative of the need to visit your pro or club fitter, but rather how you are using the club to achieve they type of shots you prefer to execute.
  5. Don M

    wow - glad I came here for team thoughts. Insightful.
  6. Don M

    Thanks Mike - that makes sense as I tend to hold the face open through impact. As said been very happy with my 58 vokey and I rarely hit it for anything more than chips or lob shots. Nice to get some real feedback :). Will probably stick stick with the K grind but will give the S grind a demo first. Cheers.

    100% agree with this! It all depends on how you use it. My 60 wear mark is consistently in the toe simply because I open the face so the strike will be more toe side.

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