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Regroove wedges


Just wondering if anyone has regrooved there wedges. Is it worth my time? if so is it easy?

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  1. Chuck Z

    Have not. When my grooves are worn down, I just order a newer model of the Vokey wedges. The newer club would have cleaner and sharper edges.
  2. Darron K

    It is worth your time if you don't want to get new wedges. It can be easy. It will wear out faster once you've done it a few times also, then you should become a pro at doing it. Depending how often you play you'll end up doing it quite often. As Chuck mentioned, "The newer club would have cleaner and sharper edges." I get new wedges...generally my 58° every year and my 50° and 56° every other year.
  3. Dino J

    I have brought an older set of wedges to one of our local club fitters/builders and he was able to sharpen the grooves.

    Sharpening the grooves is not the same as "re-grooving" as re-grooving would require cutting or re-cutting the grooves which could potentially distort the grooves, etc. Our local guy just "sharpens" the grooves to clean up burrs etc. but he cannot repair indentations or nicks. Further, he cannot re-mill the surface which is an important part of the wedges performance.

    So the long and short, I do as Chuck Z. -- when my wedges are worn out I replace them. I am just going through that right now in terms of swapping out my SM5 wedges with their SM6 counterparts. That freshly milled surface along with the clean grooves really grips the cover of the ball so nicely for the spin that I want when I want it.
  4. JFreeman

    You can get a nice groove sharpener from amazon for around $4 get the grooves nice and clean and use the tool to sharpen existing grooves, you'll get a better feel off the face than you probably get at the moment.

    Dino is spot on with the milling i find that my old sm5 doesn't grip as good as the less old sm6's thats largely to do with the worn out milled face.

    The only way to ensure you have the freshest grooves is quite simply to keep them updated as soon as mine have been through 2 winters its usually time to demote them from the bag to the garden for chipping practice.

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