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Shaft options For SM wedges

Bob V

Can I get Graphite shafts on SM6 Wedges? If so, what is the additional cost?

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  1. Don O

    On a direct order from your pro shop, as with irons, any specification can be made ordering through Titleist. The wedge will ship from the Wedge Works. Most fitters will specify the same shaft as your irons for any wedge used for full swings. Be it graphite or steel. I think the list price on an iron for graphite is $10 over steel. The wedge differential should be the same. My 48 is graphite, my 53/57 are steel. It would be much more expensive to buy one off the rack then ship it to Wedge Works for custom work.
  2. Rob_Roth1

    It looks like you can but price will depend on what shaft u want
  3. Rick M

    I know if you go to the Vokey site and order one of the custom Vokey wedges you have the opportunity to select several types of shafts including graphite. And you can customize with stampings and colors to make it your specially designed wedge.
  4. JKissoon

    Yes you can, just look for wedge shafts that has a butt tip of .355. You'd also need to measure your shafts and get those lengths back or you can just get fitted.

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