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Mark F

I'm in the market for a SM6 52degree, 10degrees of bounce. According to this sight the 52 only comes in 8 or 12 degrees of bounce. Is it possible to get one with 10 degrees somehow? Maybe directly from Vokey? Fairways and greens.

Mark F

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  1. Jeff K

    Could you get a 54 with 8 deg bounce bend to 52 deg. Titleist will bend to 2 deg and the bounce should also change, I would think, since this is relative to the face, and thus 8 deg would become 10 deg bounce. I'm sure the Titleist people can confirm this or tell me that I'm completely wrong.
  2. Chuck Z

    Go to his site and inquire. He custom builds for the pros.

  3. Mike H

    The best option would be to check out go to the wedgeworks area and check.

    If they don't have one you could buy a 50 degree with 8 degrees of bounce and then have the loft bent to 52 which will also increase the bounce to 10.

    If you haven't though you should try finding a titleist Thursday and try out one of the other 52 options and comparing it to a current 52.10 to see if a standard option works well or better.

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