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Conforming wedges

bill m

I have spin mill color red 56,60,64 degree are these wedges legal to play in all tournaments I believed they were grandfathered in square grooves or am I wrong thank you bill

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Bill, Any wedge produced before the 2010 "groove" rule went into effect is illegal to play in an event governed by USGA rules. The "red" spin milled color was produced prior to 2010 so they are illegal for play.
    But, on the other hand, it might be time for new wedges as they are at least 7 years old :)
  2. Dale V

    Bill, have to agree with Cathi, after 7 years you probably don't have enough grooves left to spin the ball so why get caught illegal in competition when you can get a nice set of SM6's with brand new grooves that will give you stopping power? Tell Santa what you want. Merry Christmas!
  3. bill m

    thank you cathi, I am looking for the new wedges in 2018 but they don't make a 64 degree in left handed
  4. richard f

    Think it's time to buy some new ones lol
  5. Dale V

    Guess you could try and go 54, 58, 62 or have the 62 bent to 64. Problem there is you will add 2 degrees of bounce. Maybe contact Vokey custom shop to make you a 64.
  6. david s

    2024 is the first possible date that amateur golfers will need to have the new grooves to post scores for handicap purposes, unless you are a competitive player planning to play in U.S. Open and U.S. Amateur qualifiers.
    for more detail check the PGA website link below
  7. Don O

    Titleist pro's didn't have enough interest in a 64 wedge. You may want to contact the Vokey shop and weigh the merits of the Spin Mill 64 versus the SM6 or SM7 in a 62 degree. They can likely explain why it isn't offered anymore. Note the supplier of a 64 wedge for renown LH PGA pro doesn't offer more than a 60 for LH's. It may be time for a change with the enhancements they've make in the 5 releases since the Spin Mill.
  8. bill m

    thanks folks cally still makes 64 degree I'm looking at them also as well as clev. and titleist I personally love the 64 degree I carry 5 wedges usually when I play, I will contact vokey but I will try all wedges out together to see if the others at 62 are just as compatable as my 64 thanks to everyone all have a happy thanksgiving and merry christmas
  9. Mike W

    Bill M,
    What shots do you use a 64 degree wedge for?
  10. bill m

    where I play the rough can be very rough, its great to just get out of it, very deep bunkers helps getting out, shorter shots out of some of the mentioned by green to get on green,i love to be able to swing hard and just get it over bunker etc to the pin that is close

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