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2014 vs 2016 Models


I recently purchased a 2014 Scotty Cameron at the end of last season. I'm regretting my decision now that the new models came out. Are they much better? Did I make a bad decision or are they not much different.

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  1. Jimmy M

    You never make a bad decision buying a scotty cameron. As long as yours from 2014 is in good condition still they hardly depreciate in price. The new one just has the 303 stainless steel insert with a vibration material in-between that in the face. It just gives it a softer but solid feel. Your putter is still a great putter. I still use mine from 6 years ago. Doubt I will ever get a new one.
  2. Chris92009

    I have felt the same way over the years as Scotty brings out newer models. However, stay calm since you may find that the 2014 may actually work better for you....that being said the new models are incredible! I have a variety of older models from prior releases and some are one's I go back to occaisionally since every model "feels" different. Consider this part of your SC Journey...enjoy the road and do not worry about the destination. I realize that may sound cliche but it is really true in my opinion!

    Good Luck, Chris
  3. Dr. Kovatchian

    It's never too early to start that Scotty Cameron Collection.

    Dr. K
  4. Barry B

    I picked up a "used" 2014 Round Back last fall. There were plenty of 2015 Scotty's sitting close by that I had tried, but this putter just looked and felt perfect to me. I bought it and haven't looked back. Simply because there are newer versions of Scotty's on the market, doesn't mean they are better. It's all about how the putter feels to you and how confident you are using it.
  5. miguel r

    I felt the same way. But I love my 2014 a bit more than the 2016 one that I tried out.
  6. Don O

    A great number of pros use the same putter for years. I'm only looking at a Newport 2 in place of a Futura-X because my fitter/coach proved to me I need some toe flow and not a face-balanced like I thought I needed. If you had a thoughtful decision for the 2014, it will serve you well.
  7. No'l

    For as long as your putter is working for you, and that you are happy with what you have, you are a winner.

    Wanting another or adding to a collection, if that's your intent, is another story.

  8. harry h

    I too putt with older model and can't be happier. All Scotty are great but if you like yours don't change they are by far the best putters regardless of price or brand!!
  9. Taff4Ever

    I recently ordered a new Scotty and didn't realise that a DAY or so later the new model was released!!! I now have the 2014 model and wondered what I am missing....sight lines are the big change which ideally I would like. Can these be added???
  10. marvin f

    I've been using a 2015 Golo 3 for the past year...great putter but just seemed a little soft for me and there was too much toe hang for my stroke....sold it to a buddy and then purchased a 2014 Fastback .....started rolling in more putts and was getting the ball to the hole....both putters are excellent just have to find the one that is right for you
  11. T

    I have both. Started with a 2014 newport 2. Didn't like it due to the boxy look. Moved to the 2016 Newport 1 which i love. And shortly after, got a 2014 newport and had it customized. I game both depending on the greens condition. 2014 for slow greens. 2016 for fast greens. The pictures should show you the difference. 2014 blue. 2016 red
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