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Jay S

Just picked up the Newport M2 I ordered after a putter fitting a couple of weeks ago. Can't wait for spring to put this in play and sink a few more putts!

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  1. E92335

    Congrats! I picked one up last August to retire my Studio Style Newport 2 GSS. Love it and I'm sure you will too!
  2. Chris P

    Congrats!! Great looking putter and my next purchase. I've played the Squareback for a couple seasons.
  3. Chris92009

  4. harry h

    I too have that putter it's 33 in fitted for me I love this putter ! Scotty regardless of anything you will hear makes the best putters at any price.
  5. Kurt M

    Just picked one up as well. Any idea what the actual head weight without inserts is? Looking for a head weight with inserts around 360-365g @ 35".
  6. Colin B

    Sweet putter...just wish they had a centre shafted option for the M2

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