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Everyone should own a Scotty!


I currently have 3 Scotty's.. Newport 2.5 i purchased back in 2011, a Golo 7 Dual balanced, and a California Del Mar. I absolutely love my Newport 2.5. The Golo was a deal i couldn't pass on but it wasn't the one for me. I found it too heavy and i didn't like the length. Now the California Del Mar, easily my favourite. Smooth, nice feel, great weight, and looks absolutely stunning. If anyone is considering purchasing a Scotty putter, don't hesitate, you will never regret it!

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  1. Chris92009

    I could not agree more! Thanks for sharing...

  2. Marc W

    I agree, I got the 2.5 for Christmas and I like the M3!
  3. Robert

    they're great sticks and plenty to fit everyones game. i have 3 of my own (used to have 6 total).

  4. Chuck Z

    Scotty makes a good putter. I have two which I game, depending on the speed of the greens. A Newport 2 Select (15grms) and a Newport 2 Notchback Select (10grms).
  5. Jim S

    Great putters, I have 24 Scotty Cameron putters. Always looking for more. One gamer and 23 backups. Have a good 2017.
  6. John G

    I agree. I hear so many people moan about the price, but they will go out and spend $500 on a new driver. You will use a putter more than any other club in your bag. Guaranteed. Spend the money on the best.
  7. Justin M the "23 backups". I have 5 Scotty's currently, and don't really see myself parting with any of them.
  8. Dr. Kovatchian

    I currently own 3 Scotty's and contemplating on a 4th...
    Big fan of the Newport Line and hoping to land an x7m soon!!!

    Good Stuff!!!
    Dr. K

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