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dual balance putters


Can someone tell me the advantage of a dual balance putter.? I am looking at the X7M and not sure it is something that I need to look at. Looks like a great putter.

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  1. Tom W

    I purchased the Futura X dual balance putter and absolutely love it...the longer length forces you to use the large muscles of the shoulders to make a straight back and through motion taking the hands and wrists out of the stroke...there is a great video on the Cameron website where Scotty gets into the technical explanation to this creation...
  2. No'l

    Dual balanced clubs: Some time in the late '90s a pro shop specialized on this and we were able to have a look and try them on our clubs.

    What it does is it adds weight at the butt end or top of the grip. This will make the club's overall weight heavier. However, now that there are weights on both ends of the shaft, it feels lighter to swing a putter or any club because of the counter balance in weight.

    For us, because it is heavier, it is easier to keep a straight line to go back and through, and at the same time, because there is counter balance, it makes it easier to swing the club.

    I remember and I still have my original putter with dual balance. There were many or countless delicate putts that I was able to putt so much better on very fast greens. ...gosh I miss those days.

    Anyway, I hope that helps. Good luck!
  3. Chris92009

    Scotty and I discussed this a couple years at the SC Pins and Playtime Event in California. It cures the yips according as well as it helps smooth the swing due to the weight above and below the hands...I like the feel and have two putters now that are Dual Balanced.
  4. larry c

    I'm also interested in the dual balanced putter. I've had my eye on the Futura 6 M for a while. Anyone give me advise on the length. I currently use a 34" Scotty and the club feels great.
  5. Nick B

    I have the X7M Dual Balance and love the feel and control, I have changed to a 35" X7 for the Winter as I find longer putts easier with the non dual balance putter (need to hit it harder).
  6. Mike C

    I switched to the dual balance putter (in a Futura X) when they first came out and have not looked back since.

    The additional weight in the head and the butt end of the handle really works to steady my take back and follow through to keep the putter on line. I would try both the regular and dual balance versions of the putter you are considering and see what works best for your game.
  7. CMcLaughlin

    I too am looking to try out a DB putter (Futura 6M DB). Being a new golfer I have a lot to learn and could use the forgiveness these putters claim to offer. Clearly, it's not a magic pill but every little bit helps.

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