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What will the LH options be for 2017?

Don O

The listings from Titleist site and on the Cameron site only list the Newport 2 in Select and Cameron & Crown. The Futura and Dual-Balance have no indication. I'm reasonably ambidextrous. I've like the feel and control better with the C&C X5R (RH) more than the ode versa 7 RX (LH). I shouldn't have to be forced to switch sides but I can't find a LH putter that feels better. Visually, I need more aiming help than I get with the Newport. I'm hoping there will be a Futura 5W in LH.

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  1. Joshua B

    im a southpaw as bet is to maybe use an older scotty and have them customize it. they can add sight lines and dots to aid with set up...just a thought
  2. Don O

    I did contact the Cameron shop. The 2017 Futura line will include the 5CB and 6M, and the Newport 2 in the Select line. The former X5 is not available as the 5W in LH. They felt there was still existing stock in stores for the X5. After that, searching for old ones is one option. I'm going do some serious comparisons using a RH putter - just for the better options over time.
  3. Todd J

    If you go to the Scotty Cameron site you can see the LH offerings better.
    New for 2017 Futura 5CB, 6M & 6M DB
    Still can get Golo 5 & 5 DB. As mentioned above Select Newport 2 and Cameron & Crown Newport 2
    you would have to check but older models might still be available special order from Titleist if they have inventory X-5, X7M & X7M DB
  4. kelly f

    I'm also a lefty. My old LH Circa '62 has been the best feeling putter I've ever played, especially on fast greens. I have a LH Squareback too, but it's heavier than I typically like. I'm looking for a lighter one with similar head, I like the look of the new Futura 6M. I noticed on the Scotty Cameron site, when you click on the individual putter specs, under the Options some of the new putters list "Custom LH Lengths", so I assume that means they will come left handed then. Right now for Futura, the 5CB and 6M list left handed options, so I'm hoping that is true.
  5. Don O

    I used to putt RH until I bought a LH house set from a sporting goods store with a putter. Kept the set for about 15 year. So, I'm picking up a used X5R RH and ...may the best Scottie win. I taught my wife how to putt RH, so I'm only slightly out of my mind.
  6. Marc S

    I am a Lefty like you gentlemen and wish Scotty would increase his LH Options. It's definitely a frustrating market for us. I guess we just need to stay patient and try utilize all our options to find the best available Scotty to fit our putting strokes. IMO #nosouthpawleftbehind
  7. Capt Sanman

    i have a studio select aquareback 1 , I wish they would bring back on the new line , LH do not have a great selection

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