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Grip change

Ryan G

I'm thinking of getting a Cameron and Crown putter, and was wondering how much different in swing weight it would be if I put on a SS Flatso 2.0 (50 gram), VS the stock grip at 78 grams?

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  1. Chris92009

    It would make your swing weight balloon...I would recommend staying with the Scotty version... The pistolero is similar in weight and slightly smaller like the 2.0 SS so that may be a better option to maintain your swing weight.

    Sorry, Chris
  2. Matt B

    5 points grip weight = 1 point swing weight. I personally like my Newport putter with a heavier head feel D7
  3. cbolt72

    The SS Flatso 2.0 counter core weighs 68 g grip only with the core installed it should be pretty close to the 78 making it negligible.
  4. Aidan McDowell

    I have the scotty cameron golo 5 and my putting was never great with it. Then one day, i stumbled into a Dick's sporting goods and found the superstroke 3.0 with a 50 gram weight in the butt of it. Instantly, i started having putts drop from everywhere. My putts per round went from 34 avg to 29 avg. I recomend the superstroke, it changed my golf game and my putting overall
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  5. Justin V

    Similar to this thread, can anyone comment on the mallet putters with oversized grips? I've heard anecdotally that the mallet style and large oversized grips work against each other. Can anyone speak to why? I have the Scotty oversized grip but haven't installed yet.

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