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Changing Weights and Grips

Doug E

I have a SC Newport 2 Studio Select with the stock two 10 gram weights. It came with the Pistolini grip. Last season I switched the grip to a midsize SC Matador grip and really liked the feel and results. So much so, that I am now considering going up another size to the Matador large size. Will this larger grip start to affect the balance/weighting too much? Should I consider switching out the weights to the 15 gram ones? Has anyone made a similar change?

My putting specs have been slightly better since the change to the mid size. I feel like I can grip it better and hold it square. When I turn my shoulders back with my arms connected to my sides, I get less movement at the blade. So, I am thinking an even larger grip will be even more consistent back and through. I usually have a very good read on the line. However, I am afraid the heavier grip, with heavier head weights might affect my distance control, but at the same time, am worried that a heavier grip without changing to heavier head weights might be all out of balance. Any thoughts?

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  1. Keith M

    Take my opinion for what it's worth, which is pretty much nothing.

    If it isn't broken, don't try and fix it. Especially when it comes to putting. If it were me, when I'm happy with my putting, the last thing I want to do is make changes.
  2. JordanH

    Actually, the larger matador grip is almost all foam and about 20g lighter than your current matador (about half rubber/foam). I did this research myself because I have an old Scotty Studio Stainless Newport 2 at 340g, too light for me, so I wanted a lighter grip to help the head feel heavier. I also ended up adding 16g of lead tape to the sole of the putter :)

    Basically the breakdown is as follows:
    Scotty Matador Mid: 85g
    Scotty Matador Large: 65g
    Scotty Pistolini: 70g
    Scotty Studio Design (My Current Grip): 58g

    Moving to the larger matador will actually make it feel heavier with the current weights you have. I wouldn't add weights to the sole just yet, that's too many swing weight points difference... I would start with the grip and see how you like the balance.
  3. Doug E

    Good info Jordan. Thanks.
  4. jaymay82

    Good choice with the Matador grips. The nice thing about the Studio Selects are that you can change the weights to find what feels most comfortable to you. Grip weight will definitely alter swing weight.
  5. Chuck Z

    Could effect the swing weight. I have two Newport 2 Selects 35 inch. One has 15 grm and it is D2 (GolfPride grip) and the other has 10gr (midsize Winn grip) and it is E-0, The grips grip definitely have an impact, depending on their weight. My club repairer takes care of that for me. He puts on the grip that works best. One is for slower greens and the other, of course for faster.

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