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Select Newport

David H

I have a 34" Select Newport w/ stock 15 gram weights. What is the over all weight? 350 grams? Also, can you describe the feel difference between a putter milled from GSS? soft vs firm. Whats the catch? why is the demand/cost higher? Thanks_DH

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  1. Chris92009

    The putter over all head weight is 350 are correct. You will not "feel" a difference but you may "hear" a difference which translate into feel for some players. I did not notice a difference...

    GSS is German Stainless Steel vs. SSS is Surgical Stainless Steel. GSS is more rare and has some different material properties thus the higher cost...

  2. Joshua B

    Here's what I was able to find out about the GSS inlay for the Scotty Cameron Studio Style Newports: The steel that is called GSS is 303SS, which corresponds to Type 303 (Type A1 for ISO3506 numbering) stainless. The SS either stands for stainless steel, or less likely, denotes that there is added sulfur in the mixture. Type 303 stainless is a derivative of Type 304 (Type A2 ISO3506) stainless (your common 18/8 stainless, or what everyone knows as stainless steel) only with the addition of sulfur and phosphorus. All 300-series stainless is austenitic chromium-nickel alloy base. The added sulfur changes the steel in these ways: - reduced ductility - reduced impact toughness - decreases corrosion resistance - decreases weldability - decreases tensile strength - decreases yield strength - adversely affects hot working - increases segregation tendency - increases machinability The added phosphorus has these effects: - reduced swelling rate - reduced creep rate - increased rupture life - can cause pearlite banding due to segregation during casting - increased intergranular embrittlement (if segregation occurs) - increase in ferrite grain coarseness Mainly all this adds up to is that the steel will be softer (due to the sulfur's lowering of impact toughness) and much more brittle (which leads to increased "feedback" and "feel" via vibrations through the club face). In short, it's nothing special and is mainly one more thing they can use to sway the minds of less informed consumers. It is not unique, for the most part. It is possible get the same effect from a polymer insert.

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