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Newport refurbish

Brian R

I have a older Newport and wanted to send it in to get cleaned up and possible add a dot on top like a GSS (image below). Does anyone know if I send it in to be refurbished to the custom shop if they could add a red dot to the top? Was curious about this and if so, how much it would cost?

Post Image
Post Image

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  1. Joshua B

    They will absolutely do that. Go to the Scotty website and you can type in your putter and virtually do it to see what it will look like. Will prob ring you up for $300 or more but is so worth it. I wouldn't trade my refurbished Monterey for anything. If you do it send the pic, would love to see the finished product.
  2. Alex G

    They would definitely do that for you, as Joshua mentioned they have an awesome online tool that allows you to customize your putter and lists the prices with every change you make. I have been searching for a specific Scotty and plan on doing the same.
  3. Bill V

    I would chime in and say try to put off a restoration as long as you can. There is an old adage in the classic car market: a car is only original once. If you tend to hang onto a putter a long time, wait as long as you can to have it refinished. a putter refinished twice may lose enough weight for you to notice. If you don't mind lead tape to add weight, then go for it

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