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Trouble removing weights.

Lee J

Hey guys. I just got my Scotty Cameron weight customization kit and I can't get the original weights on my putter to budge! Also one of prongs broke off of the tool. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks!


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  1. Joshua B

    The same happened to me, those o rings really lock the weights in. The tool has a square at the top Tobe able to use your socket wrench for added torque...Here is to hoping you get them out!
  2. Lee J

    Thanks for the response. After multiple attempts and now only 2 prongs left on the tool I emailed Scotty and asked for a replacement.
  3. Lee J

    Thanks for the reply. After multiple attempts now the weights are still in there and now the tool only has 2 prongs left. I have emailed Scotty and asked for a replacement.
  4. Chuck Z

    For that very reason I take mine to my fitter/club repairer and let them change my weights for me. Less hassle and they are experienced at working with SC putters. Those seals can cause the weights to stay put with the accumulation of dirt and grim. And they put in a new seal when they change the weights at minimal charge. That's just me. Normally takes him about five minutes.
  5. Capt Sanman

    I had that issue , I used a blow dryer and gave it high heat for a few minutes then used a rachet and it came loose.... also when I put my new weight I just hand tightened with the tool... did not use the ratchet
  6. Gaaary

    Try a hairdryer to heat it up but not too close, this will expand the metal to make it easier to release the weights
  7. Chris92009

    Interesting, after removing hundreds of weights over the years I have never had a prong break on any of my tools from Scotty. Sometimes they use LocTite on the threads with the weights but if you use a Heat Gun it will loosen them up. Generally I use a socket wrench to lock into the weight tool to gain leverage to loosen and remove the weights.

    Hope that helps!
  8. 19hole

    The Custom Shop uses Loctite on the weights. I have had this happen and have asked that they do not use the Loctite but was told that is the only way they will install them.

    If you don't want to use a heat gun, you could also soak the putter head in some warm/hot water. This should also loosen the Loctite.
  9. Lee J

    Thanks everyone for the responses! Scotty emailed me today with a shipment notification for a new tool. Couldn't be happier with the customer service!
  10. BHopkins

    Scotty puts a factory seal/glue in the threads of the weights before insertion, so the first time taking out the weights can be pretty tough! After changing out the weights, it'll be easier to remove them in the future because the factory seal won't be present.
  11. David S

    The method I use to get out stuck weights is to heat a small pan of water almost boiling and then hold the putter straight down into the water just so that the weights are barely in the water. Hold it there for about a minute and then try again. The hot water will have loosened the glue enough so that it will turn. Just be careful because the putter head will be very hot to the touch.

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