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Finally Got My First Scotty Putter! Grip Question.

Matthew C

Got a 34" Newport Select on the way & was wondering about the stock red Cameron grip. How is the feel & is it worth switching out for another oversized grip? Thanks

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  1. Corey T

    I love the feel !!! I have replaced mine a couple of times but each time ordering from the scotty website ... I love the Matador Large!!!!
  2. Joshua B

    The Matador is really nice and I would suggest that one they make it in a standard and midsize and all sorts of colors. My favorite is the pistolero which was designed like a hammer handle that's the one I use and it works really well for me.
  3. No'l

    I like the stock grip it comes with- going on two years now. But if you like oversized- you should go with that.
  4. Chris92009

    I agree with Corey and Joshua the matador is a nice grip however depending on how particular you are it may be worth exchanging for another grip such as the pistolero or matador Large once you have experimented with the current grip. All three models are very different and I like them all but on different types of heads. For instance I like the matador Large on large mallet putters while I prefer the pistolero on smaller heads like the Golo 3 or Newport 2...

    Good Luck! Have Fun!!
  5. Robert

    the matador is a great grip and of course, having 3 sizes to choose from helps. the feel is nice, firm but soft. my local shop had all 3 sizes so perfect to my needs. i like the smaller of the 3. the larger I could not control my distance.
  6. Ty B

    I loved the feel of the stock Matador that came on my Select Newport, but living in Tennessee with the high humidity, it got fairly slippery (I sweat a LOT) in June and July. I switched to one of the Golf Pride Tour Sensr grips and it's gives me a little tackier grip with not much change in feel.

    That being said, I'm going to look at the new Futura 5S Friday and if I decide to purchase, I'm leaving the Matador on it as long as I can. It's a really nice grip.
  7. Matthew C

    Thanks for all the input. Sounds like the SC grips get high praise. Definitely going to test the stock size for a while & eventually move up to the large.
  8. Chuck Z

    Guess that I am going to play devils advocate here. I got rid of my matador. I found that when my grip got wet it was difficult to maintain solid control. I play golf in the hot and humid south and perspiration is an issue. Also I had used it in rain showers and it just did not perform up to my expectations. I changed over to the Golfpride Tour SNSR. I love the soft feel of the grip and control it provides. It has two sizes, midsize and large and the pistolero style grip I like. That hammer feel is awesome. When wet I have the control I need on the greens. I one on my Newport 2 Select and a Winn Midsize on my Newport 2 Notchback Select. Why different grips? Has to do with the weighting of the putters. With respect to the matador grip, I gave mine to my head pro. It's all about personal choices.
  9. Matthew C

    Interesting, you are the second to mention the slick feel due to humidity. I am in South Florida, the home of hot & humid. It is something I will keep in mind after playing a few rounds. Thanks for the input.
  10. fred k


    i've got a stock of gp full cord grips. if you want to try one, send me a message and i'll mail you one.

  11. Matthew C

    Fred, thank you for the kind offer. My putter arrived a few days ago (love it!) and I had a new SC large grip installed yesterday at my local golf shop. Can't wait to try it out soon!
    Post Image
  12. Bas H

    Hi Mattew,

    I have the X7M and I'am thinking of changing to a large Matador grip instead of the pre installed medium Scotty grip.
    How is the larger one comparing to the standard one?

  13. Matthew C

    I am coming from a SuperStoke Slim 3.0 on my old TM putter, so the change for me is not dramatic. I was already accustom to the over-sized grips. The SC putter had the old Pistolini grip & I must say that the Matador large is a familiar change.

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