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Is Club Cameron Worth it?

Jacob T

Looking at joining Club Cameron, but don't know if it's worth it? Any Cameron members out there that can give me a perspective?

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  1. Caleb H.

    It's worth it if you plan on buying some limited edition stuff!
  2. Joshua B

    I didn't sign up this year because I wasn't into the headcover that they gave, but last year's 72andsunny collection was really nice. My advice is if you like what they're offering has a takeaway then buy it that year. There are a lot of people that sign up for this just to buy exclusives and have resold on the market for three times as much so it's very hard to read the benefits of Club Cameron at times.
  3. 19hole

    If you want to try to get the limited release headcovers and don't want to pay eBay prices, then it is worth it. If you like the membership gift, then it is worth the membership cost just to get the kit.
  4. Chris92009

    Everyone has a different take on it. The key takeaway IMHO is that if you want LE items from Scotty such as Headcovers, Ball Markets, Apparel etc... AND you have time to wait on the releases it is worth it. Otherwise, it may not be worth the cost. I have been a member, like many others, since the start in 2002 and I have found it an amazing value and worth every penny!
  5. Todd T

    How much collecting you planning on doing?
    And, you can always sell what you dot like!
  6. zachcolburn

    I think it's definitely worth it. Usually there is at least one item each year that is released that catches your eye and makes it all worth it. It's kind of cool being a part of something that not everybody has access to. There's all kinds of cool t-shirts, headcovers, and various accessories that make it worth it.

  7. Ty B

    Same here, only I didn't sign up for the 72 and Sunny package last year either. And every time I see one of those for sale somewhere, I wished I had. That package was pretty sweet. I wasn't too enthused with the one for this year, but I like the advice of just signing up from year to year based on the membership kit.
  8. KKuhl

    I agree that it is worth it. There is always something that is released that I think is must have. If you like the headcovers, t-shirs, golf shirts, hats, etc. you may only get the chance to purchase when released early to members.
  9. Jacob T

    Thanks guys I will most likely sign up only downside is I am not a huge fan of the camo theme they did this year,
    Team Titleist,
    Jacob T
  10. Jacob T

    If I sign up now will I still get the 2017 welcome kit?
  11. zachcolburn

  12. etakmit

    I signed up last year. It ended up not being worth it to me. All of the exclusives sold out long before I even saw the notifications that they were available. That's just my thing though. I didn't mind the membership last year because I loved the member gift so in the end it was a wash for me. But I chose to not renew this year.
  13. harry h

    I too didn't sign up this year but have the last 7 I didn't because I didn't like the camo stuff either but will wait to see what up for next year and yes I own and play will scottys
  14. Keri S

    I signed up this year and every release (exclusives) were sold out in minutes. Not convinced it's been worth the $$$.
  15. Greg L

    How do you sign up?
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