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In shops Friday, Scotty Cameron Futura Line!

Abby L., Team Titleist Staff Team Titleist Staff

Hey gang, 

The new Scotty Cameron Futura Putter line is in Titleist golf shops THIS FRIDAY! The different models include: 

  • Futura CB
  • Futura 5MB
  • Futura 5W
  • Futura 5S
  • Futura 6M
  • Futura 6M DB
  • Futura 7M 

It's a beautiful lineup and I did have the opportunity to chat with Mr. Cameron about it, which you can check out here. I will definitely want to try out a few different models, but I really have my eye on the Futura 5CB or Futura 6M. 

I want to know, which Scotty Cameron putter in the Futura Line are you looking into for the season? 

Here's to rolling in more putts. 


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  1. Ty B

    I'll be looking at the Futura 5S Friday! I've been searching for a new straight-shaft option. Thanks for all you do!
  2. B.A.

    I'm counting the days... Time to try something new and that 5s looks sweeeeet!
  3. Rich T

    Very much looking forward to rolling both the 5MB and the 7M!
  4. Tim D

    I think the center shafted option look very appealing. Looking forward to seeing it in person
  5. Matt G

    I have been waiting for the 6M for months now and finally the wait is almost over!
  6. LFernandez

    I've always stayed on the select line specially the Newport 2 but The M6 looks great! I can't wait to pick it up. I ordered in a 33"

    In my opinion this is the best mallet putter i've seen ever. Great job!
  7. Steve N

    Don't forget about the Newport 3 this Friday! Have mine on order and I can't wait much longer!!!!
  8. Chris B

    yes please!
  9. ali m

  10. larry c

    Just got the Futura 6M been wanting one since I saw Adam Scott with the long one. It rolls the ball as well as I thought it would. Thanks Scotty!!
  11. B.A.

    I just went to a golf store to try out the 5s and 5w (my club is closed today) and I have to say, wow! I hit a lot of putts and I'm in love with the 5s. I think it fits my stroke perfectly!

    I will be ordering ASAP if they don't have it already for me!
  12. B.A.

    Ok, I just told them to order my 5S. With my luck it will be on backorder by the time my order goes in.

    I can't wait!
  13. David G

    I play the X5. One of my students is the proud owner of a 6M.
  14. Sirhc


    Attended my local course's launch on 3/25 and was fitted to the 5S.

    Looking to get one later this month.

  15. Sirhc

    Just picked up my 5S! Love it!
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