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Replacing the orginal Matador grip?

Bas H


Last summer I bought a X7M putter at the store in Encinitas Since a few weeks (and some golf lessons later;-)) I’am really struggling with any consistency on my putts. I was hitting them great at the store and in the first few months. Right now I’am thinking of switching back on a larger putting grip. Before the X7M I used a putter with a Super Stroke 3.0 grip. I remembered when I bought the X7M I briefly talked about it with an employe from the studio and he told me to first try the putter with the midsize grip. Is it possibly to put a large Matador or a Super Stroke on my X7M or is that something you would not recommend because of lost of feel and or balance or any other reason.

Many thanks in advance for the responses!

Best regards,

Bas The Netherlands

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  1. Tom B

    I have a couple of older Scotty's ,,,Red X from a dozen or more years ago, and a Del Mar. I've put Matadors on both of them, same size and could not be happier with them. Red X was originally a Baby T and the Del Mar I think was a Pistolero, but doing great with Matadors now.
  2. Matt G

    You can put whatever grip you want on it. If it helps you put better than thats what matters. You should try out the large matador grip though. If you prefer them large then you will like it id say. Maybe a local retailer has one for you to see in person.
  3. Chuck Z

    If you can find the Golf Pride Tour SNSR S 140CC give it a try. They come in two sizes and two shapes. You might find them acceptable. I took the Matadors off my Scotties and put the Golf Prides on my putters.
  4. BK

    Whatever works for you really. I got a putter from the Cameron Gallery, and the first thing I did was replace it with a CNC grip. To me makes all the difference in the world, as I was not a fan of the Matador
  5. ccallaghan

    i agree, i installed the golf pride snsr 104 red on my cameron and crown. matador was way too soft and the golf pride has a very flat front so you can feel when it is square to target

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