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Putter inlays and inserts

Mike H

I went and tied out some of the new Scotty Cameron putters and was interested in the difference between the new and old putters and how they felt. I was fortunate as the shop I went to had a few older used Scotty Cameron putters one with an aluminum insert and a few with none just a solid milled face. To me the solid face felt better and had a lot more feedback where the new inlays felt soft and I thought I needed to really hit them for them to go anywhere. Has anyone else had the same observations and what face have you liked the most in the course?

Also, an interesting thing I noticed while watching the API was that the pros that I noticed using Scotty Cameron's all had the solid milled face.

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  1. Michael S

    I switched to the Newport Notchback with the Aluminum insert from a solid milled face. For me, it was all about the softer feel. I've noticed that I like the insert putter for shorter putts and the solid milled for lag putting. Either way, you can't go wrong with a Scotty!
  2. St Helena Boy

    Hi Mike,

    In my opinion the most important factor is the NECK i.e. Plum neck or Flow neck etc and how you address a putt i.e. distance from the ball....Plum for a more straight back and through stroke (eyes over the ball) and Flow neck for an arched stroke (eyes inside the ball). I stand further from the ball than most so the 1.5/2.5 Flow neck works best for me as the neck allows the toe to square-up at contact. That said if you have a OTR (off the rack) putter with weights underneath you can always have heavier weights in the heel or toe depending on your bias to pull or push a putt. Regarding inserts, some older putters have a 'copper' insert which is a softer feeling contact and i've found these good for fast greens whereas the modern putters have SSS or GSS inserts which are good all-round putters.
  3. Jason S

    I think the ball covering has a lot to do with it as well. A softer cover Pro V will feel / sound softer off of the putter which may explain pros using solid face putters. Harder distance balls may feel / sound better off of a softer insert face. I have been using a TeI3 button back since 2008. I occasionally use other putter with solid faces or different inserts but i prefer my buttonback.

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