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Customized Scotty Cameron Putter

Tyler N

I have always loved the feel of my Scotty Cameron putter and have not found a putter that I like to replace the one that I have so I decided to change it up and paint my putter to give it a new look! What do you guys think?

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  1. Matt G

    If it is one your gonna keep a long time you should consider sending it in for restoration. The cost is $290 and she will look like new again! Even get a new head cover and grip while she's there.
  2. Joe M

    Here's one that I found and purchased
    Post Image
    Post Image
  3. Bruce S

    From what I can see it looks good, can you post larger pictures with the new paintfill.
  4. Tyler N

    I will take some close up shots of the paint fill. This was my very first time doing a paint fill. I watched a YouTube video to learn how to do it just didn't get the right applicators but I did the best I could and will order the right ones the next time I try this.

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