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March 25th Scotty Demo Day


I live in Tennessee, and i was wondering if there was going to be a location here for the March 25th demo day? Want to try out the new gear :)

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  1. Kelly H

    Super bummed this is tomorrow! Already had a tournament set up for this weekend...
  2. Kathy J

    Do you know when there will be a demo day in Portland, Oregon? Thanks!
  3. JRDotel

    Yeah, Kelly, I found out on Friday, but that was my fault for not checking sooner. In the hunt for a new putter (current one had for 4 years) and have never been fitted for a putter. Would've been great :)
  4. JRDotel

    Hey Kathy, here is the link to the Titleist Thursdays that are hosted on various locations. Not 100% positive if there will be one in Portland, but I am sure there will be one close enough to you. These are a blast! Going to another one on the 13th of April :)]
  5. Kathy J

    Thank you for the link JR!
  6. Sirhc

    JR - the event was humbling . . . but informative! My local course used its SAM Putt Lab for 15-minute complimentary fittings [normally $60 for 30 minutes].

    Titleist and Haggin Oaks GC - thanks again for the opportunity. It was the one gap that the otherwise excellent Titleist Thursdays events do not fill.

    I learned specifics of why I putt worse than my index (eyes inside the putting line & off-center contact biased towards the toe); why, at 6’ 1, I should still use a 34” putter (long-ish arms seem to offset my height and the need for a longer putter) and my best fit (Futura 5S, not my Newport MidSlant).

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