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Fat putter grip?


Sorry if this is a silly question, however, is there a Scotty Cameron fat putter grip similar to the Super Stroke or Winn grips? The images on the website don't provide an image that I can get a clearly understand what I'm buying before placing an order.

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  1. Guy O

    I just purchased the smallest white matador grip from their site. It is a normal size grip. I would assume the next two sizes up would be comparable to the Super Strokes.
  2. Chuck Z

    Recommend going into a golf shop that does repair in your area and actually look at one of the grips and do a comparison. I have an approved Titlest account close to my house who is a certified fitter and repairer who carries an array of grips, Titleist and FJ products. I had used the Super Stroke, the Matador, the Mid Size Winn Grips and now am playing the Golf Pride SNSR 104s on both of my Scotty Cameron putters. They are a matter of feel and that is why I recommend you find a shop in your area that carries them before ordering one. You want to make the right choice.
  3. Doug E

    The large Matador.
  4. Matthew C

    I have the red Matador large grip installed on my SC Newport. Very similar in size to my old SuperStroke. Hope that helps.
    Post Image
  5. Sirhc

    CMc - I second ChuckZ's comment; go to a shop and feel the difference.
    If possible, go to a pro shop with the current Cameron putters (2016 Select & 2017 Futura). The stock grip is a mid-sized Matador.
    To me, size-wise, the mid-sized Matador feels like a SS Mid Slim 2.0.
  6. REarley

    I use the large matador on my Newport 2. It's virtually identical to the Winn jumbo-lite in size and tac.
  7. Bill G

    The large matador grip is a pistol style grip that tapers towards the club head whereas the SS grip is parallel top to bottom. The large matador grip has a weight of 66g compared to the mid matador grip weight of 85g. Both feel very similar.

    Has anyone tried a Superstroke slim 3.0 on an M1 or other Scotty putter? I like the idea of trying a parallel grip that is thicker at the club head end but as it is circa 20g lighter than the stock mid matador on the M1 wonder if it will completely knock out the putter balance/feel.
  8. Tim M

    I have similar question(s)....have a Newport 2 Notchback Dual Balance that feels great, but would love to put a SuperStroke Slim 3.0 (or similar size grip) on it. But, as the shaft core is a bit larger than normal on the putter, not sure the grip would fit. Any ideas?

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