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M1 Screws ??

Conor R

Hi I recently picked up a used M1. I noticed it made a strange noise when striking the ball. Upon inspection i noticed the screws where loose that held the face on. Does anyone know what size these are as they dont seem to be long enough ?

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  1. JRDotel

    To be honest, you may have a defective club. Maybe look into having it switched(?). I would call and see if it is under warranty. If not, the new 917's are as good as they will get ;)

  2. Mike r

    I still play the 915 that's an option also if your looking at dollars verse something new.
  3. Kelly H

    Hope it's not a fake... never buy on eBay....
  4. Dino J

    Hi Conor ... I presume that you are referring to the Scotty Cameron Newport M1 putter with the aluminium face inlay?

    If it's possible for you, I would suggest that maybe call the SC Putter Studio and discuss possible refurbishment or another alternative. They will know the putter. My only concern for you is the possibility that the screw hole is now too loose and needs to be re-tapped, resized or something like that.

    I hope that works for you. If your comfortable yourself, you could do it but I think it best to let the SC guys do a refurbishment. You could get the putter refinished and have a new grip put on ... perhaps some custom stamping too.

    Anyway ... all the best Conor.
  5. Conor R

    It was the putter i was referring to yes. My local pro was able to sort things out for me. Saves me the hassle of shipping to the states. Thanks for all the replies

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