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Re-Gripping Newport 2 Notchback Dual Balance 38"

Tim M

Have looked (perhaps not hard enough) through the forum, so forgive me for asking....

Has anyone tried to re-grip the 2016 Newport 2 Notchback Dual Balance? As good as it feels, I would love to try a SuperStroke Slim 3.0 (or similar) on it. But, as the shaft core is a bit bigger, not at all sure what grips might fit. Yes, i know would have to check weight before/after....

Anyone have ideas?

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  1. Doug E

    I have a Newport 2 Select which came with a Pistolini grip, but I replaced with a Scotty mid-size Matador and liked it so much went even bigger with the Scotty Matador large, which I installed last week.
  2. Tim M

    Thats cool...the non-dual balance putters can be re-gripped with Cameron grips OR other brands. The Dual Balance putters have a slightly larger/bigger shaft core size, so putting non-Cameron grips is the question...several shops say they are not sure it can be done....
  3. Chris92009

    Since this is a dual balance putter keep in mind it is a longer grip than standard. Thus, the SS Slim 3.0 will not be as long and not easily allow you to have the 3" gap above your hands as needed for Dual Balance Putters. Additionally, the DB Putters by Scotty have larger diameter shafts so I would suggest getting a new grip by Scotty via the SC Website Store and just adding extra layers of tape to build up slightly.

    Hope this helps!
  4. Tim M

    Hi Chris, thanks! It was my mistake; the SS I meant was the Slim 3.0 XL....its on my old TM counterbalanced Spider blade. Have wondered about the idea of a new Scotty grip with more tape, just not sure at all if it can replicate the feel of the SS.

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