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Dr O

I have been gaming a Scotty studio design No 5 for about 15-16 years now. Over time I have found I like the midsize Winn pistol grip or midsize Tiger shark best. I would love to put a Cameron grip back on this great putter, does anyone know if the matador midsize grip is comparable to either of these? Is it a pistol style or no taper? Thanks-

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  1. Doug E

    I changed from a Pistolini on my Newport 2 Select to a Matador midsize last year. I have since changed even thicker to the Matador Large. Both of the Matadors have some taper. Larger on the top than the bottom. It's a gradual taper. The midsize was a great step for me to see how I liked a larger grip. After a couple months, I was ready for the Large Matador. Try it. I'll bet you like it.
  2. Chuck Z

    Personally, based on experience, I would try the GolfPride SNSR Tour 104. It has a midsize pistol style grip. Awesome grip. I swapped my Matador for this grip.
  3. Tom B

    I've got the Cameron mid-size on both my Scotty's, changing from having a Winn on there temporarily. The Cameron grip is more expensive, and hard to get some places, if you're not getting it from a Titleist/Scotty dealer, but in my opinion much superior the way the grip feels, the different type of tackiness it has and set up. I think you'll be happy. Best bet is to go to a Titleist PGA pro or authorized dealer and they can maybe get it for you a little cheaper if they're putting in an order for others and can share the shipping charges.

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