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X6M DB vs X7M DB

Jim K

Tried to order the X7M dual balance but unfortunately learned that Titleist is out of heads for custom orders. Thinking the X6M DB would be a suitable substitute. I can't find a local store that has it in stock. Any insights on size, feel, forgiveness, weight of the X6M vs the X7M?

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  1. Jason C

    I'm currently shopping for a new putter, and I am planning on buying a Scotty. I thought I had settled on the X6M 34" until I hit the DB, best putter I have ever felt, if you can find a shop that has one I would recommend taking the time to give it a try.
  2. Dr. Kovatchian

    The 6M is an absolute putting machine.
    I have been a Newport guy for years and recently messed with a TM Daddy Long Legs +....which was a great putter...So after a visit to the Cameron Studio Encinitas I fell in LOVE with the 6M...Simply Amazing.

    Be Sure to give the 6M a look!!!

    Dr. K
  3. Jason C

    I went back and bought the 6M Dual Balance, and it is everything I had ever wanted. I have always putted with a png putter, and this is lightyears ahead of my last putter. Because of weather, I've only played 18 with it, but the feel on both long and short puts is incredible. I believe you will be thrilled with the 6M and it is a perfect balance with the added weight.

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