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Chris B

Mark Crossfield, a youtuber golf expert, has done a couple of really nice reviews on Scotty Cameron putters. Mark tells it like it is when it comes to equipment and his SC reviews are well done.

If you are in the market for a SC putter, I would recommend Mark's reviews for you.

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  1. Dr. Kovatchian

    Big fan of Mark Crossfield...Love the approach he takes in his reviews and his social media brand. Mark has a great sense of humor and a unique presentation of his views on everything golf...Good Stuff!!!

    Dr. K
  2. RJohnson

    I love his reviews, honest and straight forward. I also love my SC Newport, so double win.
  3. nate l

    One of the few reviewers i actually trust.
  4. Zpotter1029

    Crossfields YouTube channel is amazing. I watch all of his stuff. Very informative and honest! Plus we have a thing for mid mallets!
  5. Justin M

    Agree with all! I love his reviews and am in the market for a scotty. Planning to get fit this summer so will interesting to see what crossfield says and what the fitting reviels!

    Great reviewer of golf equipment! Non-biased

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