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Newport 3


Sadly not local shops around me have the Newport 3. Was wondering what you guys/Gals thought about it! I love mid mallets. Currently gaming a Odyssey #9. But wanting to get some input on what everyone else thinks. Pros and cons!

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  1. Don O

    Not many mallet players use a toe-down putter - more common that it is face balanced. Not even many pros use that style other than the LH golfer that uses Callie equipment. My guess is if you like the #9, you'll love the Newport 3. Maybe someone that is actually comfortable with a toe-down putter will respond.

    I was not comfortable with a LH Newport 2 and tried other OEM LH putters, but nothing had the same feel as a Cameron. So I switched to a RH Cameron for the feel. Part of that was a vision problem with my right eye, so it wasn't a completely insane move, but the feel difference was real.
  2. Chris B

    our pro shop has one - it is fine and feels great. I went with the Newport 2 - been looking at that for a while and just fits me better - but the 3 is amazing.

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