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Really long birdie putt


Hit my 8 iron a bit thin, had at least a 50 ft putt. One of the guys asked if I wanted the pin in, I said take it out, I'm just gonna make this one. I hit a perfect putt, and drained it. I know it was luck, but the Select Mallet 1 is an amazing putter. I feel more confident with it, has a great feel and weight. That putter has made golf a lot more fun. Hopefully the scores will get better and better! Happy golf season everyone.

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  1. Jack H

    That is awesome! Nice putt! Nothing like a long bomb to give you some confidence!
  2. lkmnry

    Even if you're just joking around, saying exactly what you're gonna do out loud, whether that be drain a 50-footer or nail an approach shot to 3 feet, for me at least, helps give me confidence in hitting the shot. Oh, and looking down at that Scotty at address might help with confidence as well... Nice putt!

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