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My Scotty Cameron Eagle Maker

Gary C

On April 1st I purchased a Scotty Cameron Futura X7. The Titleist Rep was in my local shop when I stopped in. I picked up the Futura and started putting with it,at the time I didn't realize how well I would putt with it. Well within a span of 20 days I had 3 Eagles. I rolled in putts from 40 feet,12 feet and 8 feet. There is just something about the balance of this putter that goes along with my putting stroke that works and works well. Thanks Scotty Cheers, Gary

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7 Replies

  1. Joshua B

    Three eagles that's amazing! I'm guessing the long ball is working as well as the flatstick. Smart idea retiring/displaying the eagle balls...I dig it
  2. Gary C

    Thanks very much
  3. Jack H

    Nice!! Sounds like you are rolling it well! Keep it up! Best of wishes!

    3 eagles?! Great playing! Keep rolling them well!
  5. TAustell

    "Eagle Maker" -- gotta love that! Your Futura looks like it is flying proud wings....keep it going!
  6. Dan H

    Well done Gary! I just picked up the Futura 5S and loving it! Keep up the great work, enjoy all the future eagles as well!
  7. Gary C

    Thanks everyone,I'm still rolling the rock

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