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2017 Select M2


I just bought a Select M2 putter and asked for the 2017 model. When I look up the numbers on the receipt , it comes up as a 2016 Select M2. Is there a difference? I thought the new model has a dampening membrane for feel and sound. Are the 2016 and 17 the same ??

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  1. Chris92009

    It is the same, it was just released in 2016. It features a vibration dampening system you referenced.
  2. gary h

    I just got it, and loving it ;)
  3. MGarza

    Thanks Chris, I am loving it regardless, just wanted to know for sure. My first Scotty and making many more putts.
  4. MGarza

    Loving mine as well Gary H. this is my first Scotty putter and possibly my last if I keep making putts like I have been.
  5. gary h

    M, I had the platinum, the M2 aligns better and more tolerant to my imperfect putting stroke ;)

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