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Resurfacing putter

Howard S

I have an original Futura that I love. It was my Dad's. The face has a few dings and is well worn. Can it be resurfaced. Is that doable? What does that entail? How long would it take? and what would it cost?

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  1. Ringgo W You can customize your putter including restoration. Good luck.
  2. Barry B

    The original Futura, as well as the Futura Phantoms, are milled aluminum and cannot be refurbished by the Scotty Cameron Custom Shop. I'm not 100% sure, but I think it has something to do with California's environmental laws.
  3. Jacob Z

    Getting a putter restored through the custom shop is $290 I'm not sure if that includes face resurfacing.
  4. Barry B

    From the Scotty Custom shop FAQ page...

    Can I have my aluminum putter restored in the Custom Shop?

    Aluminum headed Putters: We do not restore or stamp of any aluminum head putters (Caliente family, Select Mid Sur, Select Big Sur, Futura, Futura Phantom, Futura Phantom Mallet, Detour 1, Detour 2, Futura X, Kombi, Kimbi Mid, Kombi Long, Red X Mid, Red X 2 Mid, Red X 2 Long)
  5. MrPizzle

    I contacted the Custom Shop about this last summer since I've been using one since 03. Unfortunately, they can't do it and since I trust nobody with my Scotty but the Custom Shop I've learned to look at the dings as "character and charm!" Lol

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