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Scotty Cameron Gallery Fitting

Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge Team Titleist Club Concierge TPI Certified

About 7 weeks ago, I contacted the Gallery to reserve a putter fitting.  They had 2 openings before June so I promptly took the last Saturday appointment in May.  Now, I think I know a good amount about putters, toe flow, etc, and traditionally, I've been a pretty good putter.  It just seemed that lately, I have had a hard time "seeing" the line and decided it was time for a real putter expert to look at what I was doing.  So come Saturday morning, I went to the course to get in a quick 18 and then got ready to go to the Gallery for my fitting.  The Gallery itself is filled with many of the things that Scotty loves including old bicycles, surf boards, limited edition putters, and headcovers - can't forget those exotic headcovers :)  The putter fitting room at the Gallery is a true replica of Scotty's studio - the cameras, turf, lighting, etc. Awesome and a very calming space.

Spencer was my fitter and I can't say enough about how he tailored my experience to me so that I was able to get a number of "aha" moments.  We started off with me answering some questions about my game, my putting, how I see putts, whether I am a feel putter or more of a mechanical putter.  Then we went to work.  He had me hit 20 footers with my gamer.  Since the "turf" rolled so true, it seemed faster than the actual speed of the green.  When he had seen enough, he stopped me and we looked at the video - moment by moment.  He explained the motion of the ball and what caused it, then we looked at the putter and it's motion, and lastly, we looked at my set up and my motion including posture, head, arms, legs.  He made some observations on what was working, and what could be better.  Rather than tell me something was off, he had me look at the moment by moment picture, and I could see that a couple of things were a bit off.  He changed my posture, my shoulders, the length of my putter, made some suggestions and then, we tried it again.  The light bulb went off like blink, blink, blink and with those little changes,I was able to keep the putter level, on the same arc back and through and the stroke itself felt really free.  All I had to do was to vary the amount of pendulum motion to hit shorter or longer putts.  The last thing we did was to look at putter head and neck styles.  i had brought four of my favorite putters with me and we went through each one with the pluses and minuses of each putter.   I made this sound quick, but it was a full two hours.  When you are learning and taking in so much information, time does fly. 

To feel like you are going to be able to make a putt or at least be close every time does wonders for your confidence..  I am going to work on these tips and keep track of my putting stats to see how much better I can get!

I would recommend reserving a putter fitting with Spencer for anyone wanting to understand their putting and how to become a really good putter.

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  1. Joshua B

    Very well written thanks for the insight from someone who's 3000 miles away from what sounds like paradise.
  2. Greg D

    Wow! That sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing. Hopefully one day I'll get to do that. I love my scotty and would love to get the whole experience!
  3. Scott H

    Cathi, Thank you for sharing your experience with use all. Sounds like a great putting education at the SC Gallery.
  4. masamitsu

    Sounds like a GREAT experience. Will hopefully get out there some day.
  5. Speedy

    Thanks for sharing! Very interesting read...
  6. Kevin B

    Hello Cathi-

    First off thank you for sharing your experience!

    Having your specific insight to Scotty Cameron Gallery Fitting is something that gives us all a very real understanding of what and why in connection with the reason for this all important aspect of the game and art of Putting ala Scotty Cameron.

    I'm particularly interested as I have over the course of the last several days decided to take the last piece of the puzzle in my game, PUTTER and PUTTING and give it my all and go the rest of the way with my Titleist experience, I was fitted for my Driver, Woods, Irons and Wedges.

    Why, after all this would I not at this stage complete the process? Obvious answer. It makes no sense whatsoever.

    My ZB Redwood, which I've had in my bag for many years and still looks brand new as i have always cared for it since having it made for me with headcover after headcover and cleaned it meticulously after each use on the course and a complete cleaning following my rounds. Caring for ones equipment was something I learned from my instructor Mr. Ron Rhoads, who taught me more about the game than how to strike the ball and I will always be grateful.

    I digress.

    Your influence and articulation of what the Scotty Cameron Gallery Fitting has convinced me this is the exact process to incorporate into my game. Being fitted like this is obviously worth the price to achieve ordering and playing with the "Perfect Putter".

    Being fitted for the Perfect Putter to me is comparable to being fit for the perfect pair of shoes with the perfect orthotics. The feeling and long term will effect not only your confidence mentally, it will impact your mechanics which will have an enormous affect on your scoring.

    Now all I have to commit to the financials regarding my commitment, make an appointment with the Gallery in Carlsbad, convince the wife...which won't be all bad. She just encouraged me to invest in the new 716 AP 1's, new Vokey's and killer new bag for our 32nd Anniversary, soon as she's finished with chemo in two weeks I too will make my appointment with Spenser, at the Scotty Cameron Gallery in Carlsbad.

    Thanks gave me just the nudge I needed. I have my mindset and know the putter I want, but with your input, that could change I'd imagine based upon the outcome of the all important two hours at the Scotty Cameron Gallery.

    I have always felt the one aspect of my game that could use a real make over is my putting and you've convinced without a doubt from your experience.

  7. Adam E

    Cathi, I remember you saying you had a fitting coming up. Sounds like it was very helpful to learn some new things about the art of putting and revisit some things you may have forgotten over the years. I don't have a fitting but will be going to the shop in about three weeks.
  8. Marc W

    Great story, but what putter did you end up getting after the fitting?
  9. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    It is truly an investment, but I figured my game was worth it especially because I could then understand what I was doing and how to correct it. I also told my hubby it was his birthday present to me and he agreed (since he is a golfer, too).

    I have three of my putters and I'm playing nine with each one so that hopefully a true preference for feel comes out. I am still using my X5, but now am toying with my older Squareback 2 and my Fastback (that I sent to the custom shop for lines and weights).
  10. Kevin B

    When you get your Fastback returned post a couple photos. We'd love to see what they did.
  11. Don O

    Having had opportunities to go to both Oceanside and Manchester Lane, as well as living near an AFC, the ultimate experience for putters would be at the Cameron outlet, but other options can still be excellent. If time/money/location prevent going to Carlsbad, if you can get to a Showcase partner with a similar putting system, you can get close to the same experience. My fitter/coach uses a SAM (Science And Motion) system, and we analyzed me using my one Cameron. So in just under an hour, we worked on setting up with shoulders closed and the ball a little more forward. My stroke measurements were mostly within the preferred ranges. We then worked on how to adjust lag putts and he had tips that got me dropping 20 foot putts and otherwise kick-in 2nd putts. I'm ambidextrous and I wanted to make sure that moving back to a RH putter from LH for the last 20 years that I had the right putter and I was using a good motion. For once, listening to myself as the expert, I made the right choice getting my own putter. ....That was a first.
  12. Amanda S

    If planning a trip out there how likely would you be able to book an appointment during the time you are in the area. Easy, difficult?
  13. No'l

    Hi Kathi, that's very amazing and sounds fun! On top of it all, understanding what happens and knowing what to do means so much more than the investment.

    Sooner or later, I'll have to schedule myself- knowing is peace of mind to me- peace of mind is confidence! :) this may be sooner than later.
  14. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Amanda, If you fill out this form, they will contact you and let you know what times are available.
  15. Dr. Kovatchian


    Thanks for the awesome post and insight into the Scotty Cameron Fitting Process.
    I'll be stalking the studio soon until I book a session.

    Dr. K
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