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shaft length


Hello, I have two SC putters, a Newport and an M2

I am 5'7" and am finding that because I hold down the grip it would be better to be an inch or so shorter

What can I do ?

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  1. Chuck Z

    You can have a repair shop shorten the length of the shaft, but I would double check with the professional to see how it will effect the performance of the putter. But it might be best to call customer service and see what they recommend. Being it is a Scotty, it might be best to send it back to them to have the work done, because it might need heavier weighting.
  2. Gabriel G

    I am 5'7" tall, I found out I needed a shorter shaft putter. Check with a PGA Pro and see if you can take your old putter and shorten it without changing the putting feel and characteristics. I extend my arms when putting makes it easier to hold the angle. Good Luck!
  3. Chris92009

    A lot depends on your stance and stroke...I would get fit before making any changes to length. You may even find your loft and lie angle need adjusted!
  4. Aidan B

    Adding weight will probably be necessary to keep the balance i'd say ? I am getting my old Newport shortened this weekend for my 11 yo - will let you know what the pro does to maintain feel
  5. Don O

    You didn't indicate if you have a 33 or 34 inch stock length. You've already affected the weighting with choking down. If you can get a fitting at Cameron Showcase fitter, you can send the putter to Scotty for length, loft, lie, and weighting adjustments.

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